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Yes, I’m still alive. Still hanging in here.

Let’s see….if you were reading “In The Arms of War”….


It got a new name, a temporary cover that with a few touches could be permanent and it has moved to my site. War on Blue Mountain. The first two chapters are available and they got a little overhaul. I had chapter three up but I think we were rushing things a little bit so I took it down. Since I don’t know how long this thing is going to be or exactly where it’s going it was easy to rush it. I think if we back off a little bit we may have a nice little suspense/thriller thing here. Maybe. We’ll see.

We’ve got a freebie on Kindle this week.


The Limikkin is Free on Kindle thru 7/31. Just a weird little short story.

If you haven’t gotten into the OF WAR Series yet


Will be $3.99 on Kindle August 6-12th…it’s probably more like the 10th going by their rules but the stupid thing stuck on the 12th. If you want it, I’d suggest doing so before close of business on August 10th. That’s all six stories for the price of just one. Can’t get much better than that. This will end our Summer Sale. I do have a ThunderClap going for it and it has reached its goal…geez I just love that FB group! But, as always, I’d love to have your support too. If you want to please click here to sign up. With any luck, by the time people finish reading OF WAR Complete, War on Blue Mountain will be ready and they can just ease right into it.

We gave away over 400 copies of A Window to Magickal Herbalism last week. I thought that odd since I didn’t really push it too much. We even made it to #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Religion & Spirituality > Occult > Magic It’s the first book that’s done anything at all in the Kindle Lending Library with 137 pages read. Not that that’s any big deal.

No, I haven’t forgotten about Hannah, Mason, and Nick! I think I’ll wait until fall to get back to that one.

Yesterday we undertook the task of bathing the cats



Yeah, we had four very unhappy kitty cats! LOL But they had their baths, got their flea drops, mite medicine, and new collars so it worked out. I don’t think Mongo ever had a bath. Missy does ok with baths but Harry and Charlie both cry out “nooooooo”. It’s kind of funny and I swear that’s exactly what they’re saying! “NO!” To show his displeasure, Harry pooped in my bedroom last night. Thanks, Harry. At least they’re clean and soft again. They’re real flea bags in the summer🙂

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