On My High (Liberal) Horse

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I figure that’s what some people will say about this post anyway so why not give it the name and put it right out there?

Anyway, it’s been a long while since we did a political post and TONS of stuff have happened that we normally may have discussed here—ok, that I normally would have proselytized over. But I have not had that luxury as of late. Lots of things have transpired, I’m sure you’ve heard about all of them by now, the ‘news’ almost totally inescapable these days…do you know they even installed some type of monitor on the gas pumps? Yeah. You pump gas and get, like, MSNBC or some crap like that babbling away at you. As if we weren’t ‘connected’ enough, now I must have the ‘news’ blared at me while I pump gas. Seriously? Geez. It didn’t make the price of gas go down although I’m sure the ‘news’ channel is paying something to be on the pump. Weird.

It’s a typical summer I guess. We got; dead and, thankfully, rescued children/animals left to swelter in hot cars. That always pisses me off. How do you not remember your KID is in the backseat? Again…Seriously? Wow. No, the fact that the child died is not ‘punishment enough’. Said child would be alive and well if it weren’t for gross negligence/incompetence upon the part of said ‘parent’. Jail time.

We got Road Rage and people shooting/stabbing/running over each other in the street. That’s always nice.

We got Trump running for President. That’s all I’m saying there…for now.

We got drones flying over people’s property, spying on them, and said property owners shooting the drones out of the sky. Guess it’s time to file the paperwork declaring your little bit of land a No Fly Zone.

We got ‘fetal tissue’ supposedly being sold by Planned Parenthood to medical/research facilities/labs. People are pissed about this. I’m not sure why. Did you know that when you go to the Red Cross and DONATE blood the Red Cross turns around and SELLS it to medical facilities? Yes, yes, they do. That’s why you get charged for it on your bill. You donate. Red Cross gets paid for that donation. Get it? Now, assuming you did ‘get it’ and you’re Pro-Life, I want to ask you a question, you may not alter the question in any form, you may not state that you’d simply outlaw abortion, it is a reality, it is a fact, deal with it. Here we go; a woman has an abortion, do you prefer that the fetal tissue be 1- disposed of as bio-waste or 2-used in a facility/lab that’s doing hard research into serious illness/diseases/afflictions. Pick ONE. Thank you. Did you do it? Ok. In my very humble and unscientific opinion if you chose #1 you are NOT Pro-Life. Kindly refrain from using that phrase and substitute Pro-Birth in its stead. Once again, thank you.

Among other similar incidents, we got a (black) woman arrested by a (white) cop who was in jail on very minor offense(s) for 3 days before she hung herself. She did that, reportedly, AFTER smoking pot while in jail! Now, I gotta say, that is a hell of a feat. It really is. Now only was she able to smuggle in the weed, which she must have very quickly shoved in a very inconvenient place before the cop pulled her over and threw her to the ground, she also got in the bowl/papers, and a lighter! DAMN! That’s one talented bitch! And, the rather familiar odor of burning pot went completely undetected by the members of the police force holding her in custody. Yep…talented. That’s gotta be it. What else could it be?

Then we got Cecil the Lion. Poor Cecil. I just saw a poll on one of those 24/7 ‘news’ channels that said 96% of people believe Walter Palmer, DDS should be extradited to Zimbabwe. 96%! If that’s not a ‘mandate’ I don’t know what is. Even I went to Google over this and left a nasty ‘review’ for his business there. I never do anything like that. Ever. That’s a first for me. I felt compelled to do it after reading the how’s of the Killing of Cecil. This man is the very definition of Ugly American. Truly, honestly, from the bottom of my heart; he is. My solution to getting him out of hiding is simple; let’s tie his wife to the bumper of a truck and lure him out. Sounds cruel, doesn’t it? After all, the wife hasn’t done anything so we’ll treat her as kindly as possible. We’ll feed her, give her water, and bucket to piss in. But she’s going to stay tied there under the hot sun and during the cool night until Walter Palmer comes out. I think that’s fair, all things considered.

Now that Cecil the Lion is having his 15 Minutes people are upset. They’re angry over the two topics above Cecil here in this blog. Most of them say; why care about a stupid lion when we have these other problems? Don’t you care about (black) people being gunned down in the streets! Don’t you care that Planned Parenthood is SELLING aborted fetuses?

To wit I say; It is VERY possible to care about more than one thing at a time and to see things that may appear similar on the surface from totally different perspectives. Unless, of course, you’re just so narrowly focuses you can’t see beyond yourself and your own personal crusade. I am not *’blind to the lives of those I deem lesser than myself’ because I don’t deem Cecil as any less important than I am. I gotta say that I’ve been screwed over by my Fellow Man many many times yet not once has an animal ever gone out of its way to harm me just for fun or to **’screw me over for a percentage point’. Nope.

In fact, most days I wonder just who is really The Beast? Is it the wild animals out there or is it man? We always consider ourselves so civilized. We may be wrong about that, deluding ourselves because we can. I mean, you know, we build things, we make things, the animals don’t do that. That makes us ‘better’ than them.

I guess. But I was under the impression that we were supposed to be the Custodians of the World. The Keepers. Those who protected and valued what is here given to us by….The Great Spirit.

I could be wrong. I often am.

* Paraphrased quote from The Hobbit;The Desolation of Smaug
** Paraphrased quote from; Aliens

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