Snowballs in Hell

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Holy shit!

I can hardly believe it. Ok, so people from The City, came a while ago and spray painted marks on the street. Big deal. BUT this morning great big trucks showed up! They’re currently working on the street and another one in the neighborhood. That’s good. They SWEAR they’re going to rip out this crappy excuse for a sidewalk and put in a NEW ONE. In fact, ALL the crappy sidewalks on the street are being replaced!

How the hell did that happen? I’ve only waited 50 years. Yes, *I* have waited 50 years but, seeing as how the house was built in 1942 and by City Charter sidewalks are to be replaced ‘every 25 years’ that means this HOUSE has waited 73 years for this!

Anyway….who really cares? The fact is it’s being done.🙂

Perhaps New London is not An Absentee Landlord after all. Well, Gods know they’re always here to collect the rent (taxes) ASAP or throw you out on your ass no matter what so I guess they were never all that ‘absent’.😛

Now, I swore to myself long ago that IF I ever got a new sidewalk that I would buy grinders and sodas for the work crew. I am looking very forward to doing that once they start my sidewalk. Hey, it’s not their fault it took so long it’s the fault of the people at 181 State Street and it’s freakin’ HOT out there. They work hard. They deserve a little ‘thank you’ from little (bitchy) ol’ me. I hope they like salami and ham because that’s what they’ll be getting. I also hope they’ll let me take their pictures so I can post them here telling all of you of their good work.



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  1. is joining you in the happy dancing. 73 years is way waaaay overdue. i’d wrap the salami with a nice ribbon to make it extra special!!
    good luck with the work crew, hope there are a few hunks so you have something to ogle while they’re working *snickers* don’t forget pictures in that case!!

  2. Yahoo! Good for you! 😃

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