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ALL e-books are currently $0.99 on ALL retailers. That includes Kindle Select Exclusives, three of which come off Select starting on August 25th. I’ll try my best to push them through the other retailers so they debut on those sites at $0.99. Those books are; Mysterious Ways, Regret Me Not, and The Shame of Eminent Domain: Fort Trumbull. However, The Limikkin, A Window to Magickal Herbalism, and OF WAR Complete don’t come off Select until October. The first two are $0.99 on Kindle but OF WAR Complete is still full price. This will probably be close to your last chance to get many of these books on Kindle so you might want to, I don’t know, ‘stock up’ or somethingđŸ™‚

This sale runs from today, August 23, 2015 through September 8, 2015. If you’d care to share any of the below promo images on your favorite social media sites, I’d very much appreciate it. Remember; Sharing is Caring. If you ever want to me to share something for you all you have to do is let me know. I’m always happy to help spread the word for people.






Use whatever hashtags you like (if you’re into that sort of thing) my personal suggestions are #ebooks #kindle #indiebooksbeseen #nook #smashwords (of OF WAR stories) #mythology #greekmythology #darkromance #dark fantasy (for Genesis) #inspirational #family #drama. You can link them to my site if you want http://www.moonsmusings.com Twitter users please mention me in your tweet @lb_darling If you follow/like/are a friend on Facebook, please tag me in your post under the my personal or author page.

If you have read and enjoyed any of my stories, I hope you will consider leaving a review for them on any ebook retailer’s site, but, yes, unfortunately, especially Amazon/Kindle. If you have read and enjoyed ALL of the stories in the OF WAR Series, I hope you will consider leaving a review for the entire series on the OF WAR Complete Kindle page.

That’s it for my pathetic, needy, author plea of the day.đŸ™‚

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