Growing Up

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Big doings this week

Miss Rebecca turned 24


I picked her up yesterday and that was what she was wearing on her head! I laughed. We went and got cupcakes from The Cake Lady then she came back to the house so her father could teach her how to make his famous spaghetti sauce

Kitchen Safety was not on the agenda


Miss Nicole and her husband, Nate, came over later in the day. It was bittersweet. This is the last time my family will be altogether for a while. They are moving to Michigan on Monday night. They have an opportunity to live a little house rent-free for a while so they’re taking it. I try not to be melancholy over it but as the time gets closer that gets a bit more difficult. I’m sure they’ll do fine out there. They’ll get the chance to spread their wings and see what they can do all on their own. They’ll like having a little house with some land where they can plant a garden. They’ve been living in a small apartment for a while now. There will be new people to meet, new things to see and do, new paths to forge and new opportunities to seize upon. Still, I’ll miss her and it’s scary to think of her so far away. When she went to England I knew she’d be back soon, knew she’d hate it, and would quickly realize she’d made a big mistake. This time it’s different, there’s good stuff ahead and I hope she and Nate grab all they can and make a good life out there together. If not, it’s not like Connecticut is going to close or something. They can always pack up and head back this way or any other way they choose.

It’ll be good.

That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

It’ll be good.

We had a nice family dinner for Becca’s birthday and to have the clan together for the last time until Thanksgiving or Christmas when they plan to return for a visit.



Happy Birthday, Miss Rebecca! Good Luck, Miss Nicole! I love you both so much!!


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