American Sniper

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I finally got to watch it! I looked at hubby yesterday after I was done with Ye Olde Computer and said: “I’m going to watch “American Sniper” now, do you want to watch it with me?”

It was obvious that he’d been putting this off and I was starting to get a little perturbed over it.

He said: “Ok.” With a big huffing sigh.

I asked him what was wrong and didn’t he want to watch the movie? I figure he should want to watch it, after all he loves “war movies”. He said he did want to see it but, “We always fight after watching one of these, I don’t want to fight.”

Point taken. We do usually fight after watching a typical “war movie” but that’s mostly because I find them more grotesque and usually just as dumb as a slasher flick. I’m always shouting at the screen; “You fucking moron! What’s wrong with you?!”

However, in my own defense, I have spent at least a decade with my own personal Muse since last we watched a “war movie” together. This Hippie Chick has come to several understandings and appreciations where War is concerned. Not exactly reaching Ok’dom but still…I’ve grown.

We watched “American Sniper” together.

What a freakin’ AWESOME flick! Every good thing you’ve heard about it is absolutely true. Clint Eastwood is a very talented director more so than he ever was an actor, in my humble opinion. (Ok, fine, there are lots of Clint Eastwood movies that are guilty pleasures of mine, I admit it) This is NOT a “war movie”, in fact, at its heart it is very much an anti-war movie but without being preachy or…well…a pussy about it. There are lots of scenes that make the viewer uncomfortable but none that are overly graphic or unnecessary. Hell, “Dredd” was bloodier than “American Sniper” (we’ll get to “Dredd” eventually). There isn’t a single scene that made my blood boil.

Yeah, “Platoon” made me wretch, it pissed me off…for decades…and, sorry to say, is the “war movie” by which I judge and have refused to see many other “war movies”. I will never forgive Tom Beringer for killing Willem DaFoe, it just ain’t gonne happen. I’ve tried. No go. Nada. Nev-er.

With “American Sniper” I not only understood the whole thing beginning to end with all of the why’s and what’s and nuances I held my breath, I felt elated, I felt scared, I felt sad, basically, well I felt…transported.

Bradley Cooper is every bit the outstanding actor I thought he was. He is just perfect in this movie. I can’t say it any better than that.

All in all, if you haven’t seen it yet and you want to or are on the fence about it…go…get it. Grab it. Watch it. Don’t wait for NetFlix or the $5.00 bin. This one was definitely worth the price of admission. I especially liked the ending, Clint showed he’s one classy guy and I appreciated that to no end.

“American Sniper” definitely gets an A+ from Aunty Moon….the “reformed” Hippie Chick.

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