Ideology vs. Theology or What It Means to Be An American

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Kim Davis, everybody’s favorite County Clerk. She’s going to jail. Bye-bye. Ms. Davis, I am wishing you lots of solitude in which to truly Commune with (your) God and reflect upon your actions. Or just lots of solitude cuz I don’t think you’re gonna fair so well in there after the first, I dunno, 12 hours or so. You’ll be a bit of a ‘celebrity’ an ‘anomaly’ and I’m sure, although slightly afraid, you’ll eat up the attention the inmates show you. Then that will wear off and True Enlightenment may come to you. Time will tell.


As those of you who read here often are fully aware I am a Recovering Catholic. I am a Pagan, a Witch, a Heathen. That’s me. Unfortunately, my 12 years in the Roman Catholic church and 6 in the Baptist Church do give him a ‘leg to stand on’ and some background knowledge with which to work.

(Feel free to click out before your blood boils, I don’t responsible for high blood pressure or any possible ensuing heart attack/stroke.)

First and foremost, above every single other thing in my life that I Am…I am an American. I have a certain value system with which I was raised along with those religions. I turned away from one of those but I will never turn away from the other as it is completely against my inherent (not newly adopted) nature to do so. I’ll be honest here, by putting Being an American first in my life it did conflict with those Christian religious teachings in some manners and was the ultimate reason I walked away from both churches. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with the Big JC or his Daddy, the three of us get along just fine even though I don’t walk that road any longer. My most basic belief is very simple: All Paths Lead to God. So long as you’re a good person, you do your best not to screw people over to be an asshole, you work hard, you’re sympathetic to the pain and plight of others, then you’re probably going to be just fine in the After Life. (Yes, I do believe there is one.) If you’re an amazing dick your result will vary considerably.

Now, as I understand it from all of those History/Social Studies/Civics/Citizenship classes I absolutely aced over 12 years of public school, as an American it is my duty to never deny the rights and privileges to another American Citizen that I happen to enjoy/take for granted every single hour of every single day of every single week. To do so is unfair and unjust. I am NOT required to agree with the points of view of others and, in fact, I am free to expression opposition to them if I so choose. So is Kim Davis. I am NOT free to put my own God/Deity/Piety or anything else above the rights of all other American Citizen as we are equal in the eyes of the law. (The name ‘Cesar’ keeps echoing in my head here, strange, huh?) So, while I may not agree with some group like the KKK I am honor bound to support their rights to exist, to say what they want, to assemble, and disseminate literature. I don’t have to go to their rallies, take their pamphlets or otherwise to listen to what they have to say. Believe it or not, they also have “deeply held religious beliefs” and will happily quote you Bible passages to back up what they’re spewing.

If, Ms. Davis had a “deeply held religious belief” against gay marriage and was asked to PERFORM THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY, I would support her ‘right’ to decline. However, as a Civil Servant who is duly paid by the County and who took an OATH TO UPHOLD THE LAW, I cannot agree her with her refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay/lesbian couples because she had a conversation with her God who told her not to do that.

(Yeah, it’s really a shame all of the state run mental hospitals were shut down in the 80s, isn’t it?)

Especially not when she becomes of Prideful that she just simply refuses to give anyone a marriage license.

If she honestly believes it is totally against her religion to just issue the license and she cannot in good faith and conscience go along with doing so, it is up to her to tender her resignation and not expect the law to change for her. That would have the respectable and honorable thing for her to have done. She opted not to do that even though the Court gave her every possible opportunity to comply with its ruling. She believes she is Above the Law and she is wrong, no one is Above the Law. Not a single American Citizen, not even the President. I’ve seen two of them go through the Impeachment Process in my lifetime…yeah, that was fun, both times. Not.

Certain groups seem to want the majority of us to believe that they ‘own’ marriage and even that they invented the concept. Again, this is wrong not just ethically but historically. No single religion has a lock on marriage. Sorry. Those ceremonies and rules are as wide and varied as the religions and countries of the planet. That’s one reason why we have civil ceremonies. Not everyone wants to have to have a God enter their legally binding intimate contract. Some feel their own words are sufficient to sanction their desires in this department I know my husband and I did, we have a civil ceremony (29 years ago) and our marriage is recognized everywhere we go. Everywhere. Why should a gay/lesbian marriage be any different? Why shouldn’t that ceremony, that commitment, be recognized everywhere that couple goes?

If your answer has ‘God’ in it anywhere I would remind you again of the name Cesar and ask you to do your best to sort out the two and what should be rendered under to whom.

Chances are your God, the one who bestowed upon you Free Will which is the Greatest Gift of All knows the difference and He’s fervently hoping that you do too.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Al saw a bumper sticker the other day: “Gods don’t kill (or hurt) people…people with Gods kill (or hurt) people”. Truer words were never spoken!


    Well said!!

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