For the Love of God

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Your God. My God. Anybody’s God.

Before you open your mouth…read a frickin’ book!

Yeah, I’ve been reading “the news” again. I gotta say people get dumber and dumber and dumber by the second in the good ol’ USofA. They really do. It’s gotten to the point that I plan on retiring OUTSIDE of the country because I don’t think those who would be responsible for taking care of me in my old age will ever be able to take care of themselves. They’re just too ignorant and self-absorbed.

And it’s our fault. I guess. Well, it’s not my personal fault because I actually taught my girls something. Your mileage may vary on that one.

OK, so I read about this idiot lawyer who whined and cried and stomped her feet until a CATHOLIC hospital sterilized her. If you don’t see the problem with that you’re too dumb to be here. Kindly leave now. Read a book on your way out. Not the kind with pictures or pop-ups.

Now, stupid lawyer did this for no other reason than it was convenient for her as she supposedly doesn’t have a single other hospital/clinic or even doctor’s office within “150 miles” of her house. I don’t know about you but here in my tiny corner of the world I have no less than 5…FIVE…hospitals within a fifty mile radius of my front door. (Not one of them is a Catholic Hospital…zero.) That doesn’t count the number of clinics and, I shit you not, “outpatient surgical centers” (I was SHOCKED when hubby went for shoulder surgery!) nor does it count the number of plain old doctor’s offices, some of which will do this ‘in-house’. If we add up ALL of those, I’ll bet I’ve got at least 15 different places to choose from, within 50 miles. I guess Redding, California must be pretty backassward.

Even if it is, so what? If she chose to live in East Bum Fuck, that’s her problem. Of course the ACLU backed her because they’re ignorant too. Now, her doctor was fine with it and s/he ok’d the procedure but, of course, the hospital said ‘no’. Duh. Said idiot lawyer went on to whine about why “non medical personnel” were making decisions about her healthcare.

Gee, I dunno. Ummm….welcome to the wonderful world of insurance? The place where you pay through the nose and “non medical personnel” make very personal decision on your behalf regarding your health care every single second. But I suppose that doesn’t matter. What does matter, of course, is that the cry baby got her way. She’s sterile and I’m happy about that. It’s good for the planet when morons cease to breed. The total planetary IQ has a better chance of going up.

Today, I was reading an ‘article’ on the Huffington Post wherein yet another moron (Herb Sullivan) whined about birth control, abortion, and why don’t churches pay taxes.

Ya know, when I went to school back in the Dark Ages we actually learned this stuff. Today I guess the facts don’t matter. Only your uninformed opinion counts. That could explain why this country is in such an unholy mess.

Ok, Herb Sullivan, here we go, be prepared to learn something if you’re not your tiny head might explode. (While your Irish ancestors laugh)

1-According to Christian Doctrine, once upon a time, God said something along the lines of: Go forth and multiply. (Among other things) This has been taken by Christians to mean that ALL children are gifts from God and therefore should be welcomed with open arms and open hearts. So….no birth control and no abortion. Got it, idiot at the Huffington Post? I’m not saying it’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ I’m just stating a fact. Not an opinion. This is what leads many employers with ‘firmly held religious beliefs’ to think they can push those beliefs off on to everyone else by insisting they shouldn’t have to pay for birth control and/or abortions. Of course, time and time and time again, we’ve watched these same religious folke turn away from said children once they’re born preferring to let them starve in the streets rather than give them food, shelter, and medical care. Not very ‘Christian’ if you ask me but what the hell do I know? So there, I’ve answered Mr. Sullivan’s question on that one and it wasn’t very hard. Perhaps that’s because I learned something when I went to school. I dunno.

Anyway, long story short, if you want to have birth control (including sterilization) and/or abortion services covered by your employer…DO NOT submit a resume at a Christian Institution. That’s pretty simple, ain’t it? (I’m not talking about Chick-frickin-fil-a or Slobby Lobby here…an actual bona fide Christian Institution)

2-Churches and Taxes. Here’s the bottom line deal on that one in the simplest terms with the most convenient definitions: Churches do not pay taxes, not because they’re non-profit or not-for-profit institutions, but because they’re RELIGIOUS institutions. No taxes = No official say in how the government operates. That’s the deal. Like it. Lump it. Love it. Leave it. Nobody cares. True, altruistically, they’re supposed to take the tax money they save and, ya know, help the poor. Equally true that most of them no longer do that. Personally, I’m not sure that so-called Mega Churches should qualify but they do. So suck it. So, if churches/religious institutions are suddenly required to pay taxes you can bet your bottom dollar the Citizens United is gonna take on a whole new meaning. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

No taxes on churches/religious institutions. However, quite honestly, there’s nothing preventing them from donating to the towns in which they reside and I think they should be greatly encouraged to do just that. After all they suck down police, fire, garbage pick up, routine maintenance just like every other homeowner and business. Here in my little town we have more churches/places of worship per capita than any other town in the STATE and it shows. I’d love some help in that department. My answer is a moratorium on any more churches/places of worship until our tax base reaches at least 70%, right now it stands at 50%. That’s right 50% of the property owners shoulder 100% of the tax burden. It’s not fun. I don’t enjoy it. I’d love to pay $2,500/year rather than $5,000/year for my rather modest home. However, I’m not willing to give said religious organizations a full say in the operation of the government so…I pay $5,000/year to live here. But I’m getting a new sidewalk after waiting 50 years so I guess that’s something. Ain’t much but it’s something.

However, according to Mr. Sullivan this a ‘privilege’ (that’s a new buzz word privilege) and it should be removed. I hope Mr. Sullivan, the atheist, is willing to live in that “Christian Nation” most of us rail against. Once the churches start paying taxes they’re going to have their fingers in absolutely everything. Have fun with that.

For myself, I’m done with Yahoo! “news” and the Huffington Post. I long for the days when journalists went to school and earned that title. They took classes, one of which was Ethics (ooooo shocker! Ethics! What’s that, precious, what’s that?) The days when reporters were reporters. The by-gone era when op-ed pieces were written by people with brains who usually were editors that had put in their time at their journalistic endeavors earning their place and the privilege to put forth their opinions to the masses, and bloggers…like me… were just bloggers. Today, there’s no difference between the three. Everyone’s a “journalist” even if they can’t spell worth a lick. It’s pathetic.

On one last note, they let the High Holy Moron Kim Davis out of jail. My only summation there is that the judge caved to political pressure. I hope Survivor does sue her and Huckabee. Trust me, none of them have

Eye of the…ah….smaller cat…maybe…definitely not a tiger. But that’s what this country and this world is coming to…lesser cats mewing for cream without ever knowing how to do so much as to hunt down a mouse.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

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  1. When you’re ready to retire let me know. Sounds like a good plan to pack up and get out of town! 😃

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