OMG! The Sidewalk Project

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Holy shit!

There are no other words for this situation or how I feel right now.

Holy shit!

We’re finally going from this

Trust me here, it got much worse over the three years since I originally posted those (and more) pictures here in Ye Olde Blog.😉






Quite honestly, I was surprised. Yesterday they tore out the sidewalk at the very top of the street and I figured they’d put in the new one giving me just enough time to snap a few true “Before” pictures. But….nope. When I got home from work that lovely sight greeted me. To tell you the truth, I thought I’d never live to see this day. After nearly fifty years and the occasional bout of bitching–mostly right here–I figured I’d either be dead by the time they replaced the sidewalk or in a retirement home. Like becoming a ‘famous author’, getting a new sidewalk was nothing but a pipe dream, a fantasy.

I pulled up and had to park on the other side of the street. I walked up to my house and fought the urge to throw my arms around some nice man I’ve never seen before and hug him until he couldn’t breath any longer. Instead, I gave him the ‘thumbs-up’ and thanked him, shouting over the din of the heavy machinery, I told him I’d waited a very long time for this. Then I went inside and couldn’t stop looking out the window. The guys out there looked up every now and then and smiled. Ya know in that, ‘you better grin back cuz she might be crazy’ sort of way. LOL I dashed outside, took a few pics, gave whom I think is the foreman the ‘thumbs up’, he smiled and seemed happy.

Check this out




Look at those, baby! Those are curb stones, yes, oh yes, they are. There have never been curb stones in front of this house. I feel very special. This, small though it may be, is an actual, real, true, Dream Come True.🙂

I’ll post more pics as the crew goes along. I’m told the project in front of my house will take about three days. That’s a small price to pay considering that this

Is already gone. Buh-bye. And, yeah, that too got much worse over the last three years, it extended very far into the street and even the 4-wheel drive vehicles didn’t like it…not one little bit.

Nice work guys!!!

Can’t wait until its done…it’s gonna be SCH-WEET!

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