Legal vs. Ethical

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Let’s start with the Tried n True: Just because one can do a thing does not mean that one should do that thing.

If we agree…please continue. If not, Enter at Your Own Risk🙂

I’m not going to give you any back story here nor am I going to answer my own question–at least not right away.

(Why not?)

Because I don’t want risk coloring any outcome.

I posted the following missive word-for-word on my personal Facebook page earlier today and am interesting in knowing what you think just as I was interested in what my FB friends thought.

Your mission–should you choose to accept it–is simply to look at the following and post your reply in the comments section.

ETHICS QUESTION FOR THE GROUP: Even if it is legal, do you believe it is ethical to post the names, home addresses, and birth dates of individuals who have signed a political petition?

The floor is now yours, please feel free to discuss. If I get 5 or more responses I’ll post the back story and my own opinion in the comments section. Have fun but be nice.

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  1. i wouldn’t mind to my name being posted, but my address and the rest? i wouldn’t be so happy about that. i’m quite sure if someone wants to knows those things they can find them and two seconds flat (so to speak) but in a petition kind of environment? i don’t think it’s so wise to do that.

  2. Even though it may be legal, no, I don’t think that information should be posted. It doesn’t matter if it is a petition or an article posting the address of a reporter. There is no reason to post a birthday unless that person wants it out there. A petition is to affect change, not have our personal details posted for everyone to see. I don’t remember a single petition I’ve signed, both RW and online, that required my birth date though.

  3. I agree with Karen. I have signed petitions for various reasons, including political. I have not been asked my date of birth, and only my address to prove I am a resident of a specific area. I don’t believe either should be posted publically. Don’t we have enough identity theft out there without helping people to do it? I understand collecting that information to prove someone is “real”, but if I knew in advance that it would be posted publically it would stop me from signing the petition.

  4. If you don’t want your personal information shared, don’t put it on the petition. If you put it on the petition, the petition is a form of public, legal document. There is no expectation of privacy, since the point of the petition is to publicly indicate support for a position or a change in policy. If you wouldn’t want people to know that you support the subject of the petition, then you ought not to sign it. Since the purpose of the petition is to gather qualified public support for a cause, the petitioner’s ethical obligation is to the cause of the petition, not to the privacy of those who signed it.

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