New London’s Harbor Light Needs YOU Now!

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Do you remember last year when I was rather instrumental in getting several local unions together to restore and repair New London’s Harbor Light?

In case your answer is ‘no’ here’s a few old posts to help you out

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Well, the whiners are at it again. I’m disgusted to have to call the ‘New Londoners’. I truly am.

I received a message from “The Lighthouse Lady” the other day, she wants me and any members who worked on this massive project to come and speak at the next Planning and Zoning Meeting (September 24, 2015) because…

The Harbor Light, which over 100 volunteers put in thousands of man hours to restore…has been CLOSED nearly ALL season due to said whiners. Personally, I saw one of the whiners (Ms. Ring current occupant of the Light Keeper’s House, which, may I say, is in pretty sad shape these days) in Stop & Shop the other day and I almost had words with her but when she saw me she hurriedly pushed her cart away. That’s because she knows I don’t care who she thinks she is. Bottom line is; She’s Absolutely Nobody except in her own addled mind.

Yes, she, her….husband…and the Waesches have sued the New London Maritime Society to keep people OUT of the Harbor Light. Why? Same old reason; they can’t hack the fact that they bought homes next to a Historical Monument. So, we should all suck it up, close it down, because it’s convenient for them.

Too bad.

Personally, I hope to ALL the Gods that the Waesches are no relation whatsoever to Admiral Russell Waesche who is renowned in the United States Coast Guard. I have no doubt that Admiral Wasesche–form whom Waseche Hall at the USCGA is named after– would be turning over in his grave if he knew what his possible descendants are doing to obstruct to public access to the lighthouse that repeatedly saw him safely out to sea and welcomed him home over the course of his illustrious career. They do it all because they believe themselves to be privileged. Why? Because they live on Pequot Avenue here in New London. That means they pay ‘high taxes’ so they should have special consideration. But the truth is, they pay their fair share of taxes just like every other homeowner in this City and they are NOT entitled to special privileges because of it. They’re entitled to keep living in their homes. Period.

I’ve put up with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital for the last fifty years and I’ll tell you, if those ‘Richy Riches’ on Pequot Ave think putting up with a few visitors to the Harbor Light in the nice weather is some type of chore they should really live in my working class neighborhood and deal with L&M on a constant basis. Then they might have a wobbly leg to stand upon.

Here’s their pathetic argument so you can see it for yourself A Cease and Desist Order Blocks Access to New London’s Harbor Light. You can read it or you can just take my word for it that it’s really lame. I mean it’s like “House, MD” lame. If you’re truly worried about someone ‘getting hurt’ as they ‘walk across your property’ maybe you could enact an Easement to the Maritime Society or, if you’re not that generous, you could let them purchase a small part of your land to make it easier for the public to access the lighthouse. I mean, after all, The Harbor Light was GIVEN to the Maritime Society for “preservation and public use” by the National Parks Service. Clearly these two airheads are infringing upon that.

Honestly, if I were the Maritime Society, after all that hard work, I’d petition the National Parks Service to take it back citing the fact that the City of New London is actively obstructing the purpose for which it was given to the Maritime Society. Perhaps the Rings and the Waseches would like to fight with them over use of the land. Let’s see how far that gets them.

Face it, it’s not like either of these two numb-nuts didn’t SEE the lighthouse…one of them lives in the Light Keeper’s House!…before they bought their properties. So…what did they think was going to happen? It really is like the jerks who bought a home on the sound and then complained the fog horn was ‘too loud’. It’s also very akin to the morons who bought a house next to the railroad tracks in Mystic and complained the noise from the trains was ‘too loud’ and for Christsakes! Can’t they do something about the bells at the crossing! Or, again, like the idiots who bought a house next to an historic church and complained the bells were ‘too loud’.

Quite honestly who do these people think they are? Well, ya know, provided they even *think* at all. I don’t believe they do. Not about anyone other than themselves anyway.

If the Zoning Board allows this to stand they may as well just STOP advertising us as ‘Historic New London’. It will be clear that’s just a phrase and nothing more. The City tells us they want us to be a ‘tourist destination’ and not just a ‘stop over’ on the way to New York or Boston but if they don’t put their money where their mouths are it’s all for nothing. It will also be clear the Money Talks (though it never says anything good) and the rest of us can just take a hike. That lighthouse belongs to ALL of US. Every single Citizen of New London. It is our most cherished and most recognized landmark. There are hundreds of New Londonders who, like myself, were never even able to touch it until the Maritime Society took it over. We could only gaze at it from afar. That’s not right. It’s just not.

Personally, if I had known that four whining assholes would be allowed to obstruct access to it, I never would have gotten all those people together to protect and restore it. It could have rotted on its foundation. But I LOVE that lighthouse. It’s my touchstone. This past year has been one lobbed grenade after another for me personally. It has been full of chaos and stress. Each time I felt that I couldn’t take one more second of what Life was throwing at me I went and gazed at the beautiful lighthouse knowing that as long as it stood guard over New London Harbor, somehow someway, everything would be all right. I am far from the only person who feels that way. If I were I never would have been able to get hundreds of people to DONATE their time and talents to the project. Not that the Rings or the Waesches did anything to help…at all. I imagine the thought never even occurred to them in their tiny minds and their insular worlds.

Perhaps it’s time that the Whiners packed up and moved out of this city thereby allowing the Maritime Society to purchase the Light Keeper’s House and reunited the two properties that never should have been split up to begin with. I still say it would make a wonderful public park and museum. A nice gift shop with parking too once the Waesche house is torn down. (Trust me, the former owner of that house is also turning over in her grave at what those self-serving numb skulls are trying to do.)

I’d love to be there on Thursday but I’m kind of wiped out from this past year so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it or not so that I can voice my opinion on this Historic Monument. If YOU can make it I highly suggest you do so. I also suggest that if you have any heart and soul whatsoever that you post to your social media pages about it, write a letter to the Planning and Zoning Commission or to The Day newspaper and let your own voice be heard. Don’t let a couple of whiners who can’t see past their own noses take away our most cherished landmark for nothing more than their own selfish convenience.

Let them know that you believe it is in New London’s best interest to build bridges and not burn them to the ground.

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  1. Lisa, I know this situation is aggravating. I feel sad that people are having a problem visiting the Lighthouse. I do have to defend Mrs. Ring though. I was in elementary school with her and her Mother lives close by as well. She did not buy the caretakers house, I am pretty sure she inherited the house from her Aunt who passed away a few years ago. That caretaker home has been in their family for a very long long time. She had been living out of state, I read you said that house needed work, well it probably does since her Aunt was not a young woman and probably could not keep up with it as she aged. I am sure Mrs. Ring and her family will put some work into it to fix it up. Just an FYI for you. I know how dedicated you are to the history in New London.

    • Whether she bought it or inherited it, doesn’t matter. She knows where she lives (I would think). She was nothing but nasty nasty nasty during the entire renovation. She gets no points from me.

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