The Sidewalk Project

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I realize it’s been quite a while since I blogged about this, let’s just say this last week was very hectic and chaotic. It’s over now. That’s the good part. All is well so let’s just proceed from there.🙂

We’ve come along way, baby!

Day #2 of the project brought us the following:







Day #3 gave us this:




And this is where we skip ahead a bit because this is the time period wherein things became Chaotic and Hectic. Pictures weren’t on my To Do List. These were taken this afternoon.




These guys are very efficient. They are already off to the other side of the street! Oh, everybody’s so happy! So happy! We don’t care everything’s a mess and parking is inconvenient for a while. We just so damn happy!



We’ve gone from this



OH, it was so nice to drive over that. You have no idea. I used to slow down a total crawl and ease the Explorer up over the humps. Hell, for YEARS I had a pile of concrete shards sitting on the corner of my front yard. I put them there because I didn’t want to get accused of ‘stealing City Property’ or anything like that. We eventually used them to shore up the drain pipes in the corners of the house.😉

I just pulled right in after doing the grocery shopping. Woot! That was incredible.

This crew is very professional, cheerful, and personable. They’re doing an excellent job and I think the neighborhood is very glad to have them. I know I am.

The Inner Child in me is starting to peek out at the sidewalk and wonder if it might need a little color. Just a little. The sidewalk was always so crappy I could never draw on it before so….maybe I’ll find a tub of sidewalk chalk and draw a Hopscotch Board or a Smiley Face or a Rainbow. It could happen.🙂

Many thanks to this hard-working crew and to whomever working within the City of New London that it was who finally recognized our dire need and did something about it. Whoever you are, you’re a Godsend. Thank you.

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