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Yeah, I’m grinding it again. In fact, my birthday is this coming Sunday so I bought myself a bunch of promo! LOL

Let’s face it, I haven’t done Jack Crap as far as promo goes these last 13 months. Life simply had other plans for me. The only ‘specials’ I’ve run were mostly known to my mailing list and those who follow me on FB and Twitter.

So, early this month or very late last month I bought an Elite Premiere Ad with BTS eMag. It’s a two page near the front of the mag that will cover 4 books in the OF WAR Series. Today I shopped around and bought some promo with The Romance Reviews, I’ll be in their Year-End-Splash (with “media package” and I bought a contest giveaway for their October issue, both are for “Cold November Rain”, which is really the only book of mine that even sort of fits with them.😦 I inquired with Bewitching Blog Tours for a full month tour in connection with OF WAR Complete. If accepted, it should take me from early December through early January. I’m on a few large blog hops from early October through the end of the month. I did one a few weeks ago and it drew a lot of people so I’m hoping for the same with these two.

I’ll have the Holiday Season covered.

Not sure how I’m going to handle it just yet. I completely stopped shucking my books around from one review site/blog to another. I also stopped begging for interviews/guest spots/spotlights and the like. If a smaller site/blog wants to have me they know where to find me. I’m always very happy to oblige. I understand that they’re deluged with authors like me just as I understand that I don’t have the time to wait around hoping for an answer…any answer…from them. A blog tour company like Bewitching can get me out to those places without me having to beg and wait for an answer that never comes.

The last 3 books in Kindle Select Exclusive are due to come out October 3rd. I discovered that if they’re not ‘Select Exclusives’ your books are NOT in Kindle Unlimited. Yeah, even if you make them available for ‘lending’ they’re not in ‘unlimited’. (I hate Bezos, I really do!) OF WAR Complete may…or may not…have done OK in that program. It looks like ONE person either borrowed it or read it through unlimited. One. But Nook sales are in the tank. Smashwords isn’t much better.

Oh bother. For the love of ALL the Gods; don’t let me be stuck with this asshole forever!

Article upon article tells me that paperbacks are making a comeback. Those run through Jeffy too.

Sometimes I hate being an author and not a PR executive🙂

I wish I could sell my books myself, at least the majority of them, e-book and print. Then I’d make some money. I know, I know; Writing fiction for money is a fool’s game. (The Lord & Master, Stephen King…who I haven’t read in years! His books, those I do have, are covered with dust and I must be at least 8 hard covers behind. Crap!)


I know. I know. But, what can you possibly expect from me given my astrological history? Not only am I the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite (gee, no shit? LOL) but I’m also


For those of you don’t know, the Nine of Swords means:
If this card is shown in an upright position, it can mean deception, premonitions and bad dreams, suffering and depression, cruelty, disappointment, violence, loss and scandal. However, all of these may be overcome through faith and calculated inaction. This is the card of the martyr and with it comes new life out of suffering.

This card can represent being plagued by fear, guilt, doubt, and worries that are to a large extent, unfounded. Chances are the person in question is dealing with a problematic situation or a difficult decision, but his or her worst fear is unlikely to materialize.

If the card is shown in an ill-dignified or reversed manner then it has a different meaning. When turned this way it means distrust, suspicion, despair, misery or malice. Total isolation away from comfort and help: institutionalization, suicide, imprisonment and isolation. However, in a generally positive spread, the reversed meaning of this card can also indicate that the nightmare may be ending. The Nine of Swords reversed can actually be a hopeful card, counseling faith in the future and the promise of better days ahead.

Yes, I am perpetually lost in a nightmare of my own making paralyzed by a fear that exists solely in my own addled head.

Lucky me.


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