Our Little Kindle Experiment-The Finale

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Well, it’s over. Our little six month Kindle Select Exclusive Experiment has come to an end. The last of books in Select came out…on my birthday! I took the opportunity to spruce up OF WAR Complete (we do have that massive promo coming up!)…what a PITA. Remind me NEVER to a “box set” again. Anyway, it uploaded perfectly to Kindle and Nook recognizing all 154 chapters…OY. Smashwords shouldn’t have a problem with it but that still remains to be seen. They can be rather picky. I did the same for “The Heart of War” and will hopefully do a quick sprucing up on the other books before this thing kicks off. I even fixed the OF WAR Complete Series trailer…LOL. Yeah, I know, “Kingdoms of War” came out in July, 2014 and the trailer was still advertising that fact. In my defense, I couldn’t find the file but stumbled across it this weekend and immediately went to work.

I even got the draft file of my BTS Emag ad


Can you say; “SCH-WEEET!”?

I knew you could.🙂

They always do such an awesome job.

Any-hoo, I also had time to go back and go over my numbers.

I GAVE AWAY a TON of books.
A combined total of 244 books in June between “Regret Me Not” and “Mysterious Ways”
A combined total of 484 in July between “The Limikkin”, “A Window to Magickal Herbalism” and “The Shame of Eminent Domain” and add in 1200 “normalized” pages between “Window” and “OF WAR Complete”.
A combined total of 11,063 “normalized” pages in August for “OF WAR Complete”, “Window” and “Limikkin”.

September’s numbers are not yet available to me.

Total Given Away: 728
Number of “normalized” pages read through Unlimited or the Lending Library: 12,263

June = 8
July = 11
August = 21
August Countdown deal = 5

Total Sales: 45

Further Breakdown:
June Payout: 10.65
July Payout: 31.69 (“Normalized pages”: “Window”: 413 Payout: 2.63 “OF WAR Complete”: 1084 Payout: 6.26)
August: 59.14 (“Normalized pages”: Limikkin 160 Payout: 0.82 “Window” 547 Payout: 2.81 “OF WAR Complete”: 5,159 Payout: 26.52 “Eminent Domain”: 38 Payout: 0.20)

ALL Unlimited/Library ‘sales’ were in the US not in ANY other country.

So you have an understanding of things. “A Window to Magickal Herbalism” is actually 83 pages
“The Shame of Eminent Domain” 51 pages
“The Limikkin” 46 pages
“OF WAR Complete” 1,260 pages

YES, my sales sort of went up and my payout went up but, much like shopping at WalMart, I’m still getting ripped off. It doesn’t look like it but I am.

“Limikkin” is 0.99 when someone buys it so I missed out on a sale and half, let’s call it $1.50
“Window” is $2.99 when someone buys it so I missed out 6.5 sales 17.49
“Eminent Domain” is a throw away
“OF WAR Complete” is (at most) $9.99 when someone buys it so I missed out 5 sales $50.00

We’ll call “Limikkin” and “Shame” even.

“Window” I missed out on $12.05
“OF WAR Complete” I missed out on $17.22

While the payout was nice I’m actually $29.27 in the hole.

You can do the math for yourself. When you finish with your calculations if you still think Jeff Bezos has you in his heart, I have lovely historic bridge in Brooklyn, NY I’d like to show you. I’m selling it for a song.

****10/06/2016 Addendum****

I forgot to add that, in order to receive the 70% Kindle/Amazon SWEARS it pays its authors your book must either be ‘Exclusive’ or you must allow it to be practically given away in their ‘Lending Library’. Otherwise, you’re making 35% even you price your book at $2.99 or above. There are many other ebook retailers that pay between 60%-80% and they don’t ask you to be ‘exclusive’ or to allow your books to be lent out to people unwilling to pay for them. Also, they won’t constantly hover your shoulder (reading your website, your blog, your FB, your Twitter) nor will they penalize you for running a ‘sale’ on a competitors’ site whereas Kindle is so happy to send you a nasty note that they found your book cheaper somewhere else…even when it isn’t necessarily true. So keep that in mind.

As a side story; I once had a boss who was an AVID readers. She DEVOURED 3 to 5 books a WEEK and she had TONS of money. Every book she ever read she got from the library. No kidding. She’d read entire series and not pay a dime for them. When, as an author, I asked her “Why?” her response was basically why should she pay for the books when she could read them for free. That’s the type of person Kindle/Amazon/Bezos caters to. Cheap. Unwilling to pay.

So, once again, come visit with me if you think you’re making out with Kindle. I’ve still got that beautiful historic bridge in Brooklyn going cheap cheap cheap!

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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  1. Many thanks for your candor. LT

    • You’re very welcome. In the end, we’re all in this together and if we don’t stand up for what’s right then unscrupulous retailers like this will continue to steamroll right over us unabated and without conscience.

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