I HATE Amazon, Kindle, and Bezos the Clown

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So I posted here….YESTERDAY…that I bought a new domain name and planned to open a new website. Guess what?

Amazon.com has hit the NEW site no less than SEVEN times since then!

Know what else?

The ONLY place on EARTH they could have received the information on the new site is…here. In Ye Olde Blog. That’s right. Know how I know that? It’s the only place I announced it.

I told you, I’ve been telling you for YEARS that these assholes track your every movement on the web. Now I have proof positive of my claims. So I was kind enough to leave them a little note on the front page of the new site…which hasn’t even OPENED YET!

What do you think? Too much? Not enough?


Check it out and let me know. Honestly, if this doesn’t severe my ties with Bezos the Clown nothing will! If the son of a bitch PAID BETTER I might not mind but he doesn’t. It’s like working for the companies of old. You know, the ones that tried to block Unions. The ones that paid in chits that were only valid at The Company Store. The ones that made the worker purchase all of their tools from said Company Store and made the worker pay them RENT.

If Jeffy had his way us poor authors would be paying HIM for the….privilege….of being on his craptastic site.

Sorry, Clown Boy, I don’t shop at WalMart. I’m tired of being in bed with your limp dick. Others may kiss your sorry ass but I’m not ‘others’. I’d rather kick it than kiss it.

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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  1. Love it! I’m not that computer savvy to know how you know who hit your site (I didn’t because you said it wasn’t up yet lol). Good for you honey!

    • It was acting as a mirror of moonsmusings.com so the stat program picked up the hits. I couldn’t understand why there so many hits from Amazon until I hovered the page link and saw they were actually going back and forth between moonsmusings.com and lisabethdarling.com Yep, Amazon was the very first visitor to the new site! Yesterday I managed to separate the two sites so they’re independent of each other now🙂 Yeah, go me! LOL

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