The Clean-Up Continues

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The NEW COUCHES have finally arrived. Gee, man, I gotta tell ya…they looked a heck of a lot SMALLER on the Showroom Floor.😛




When the delivery men first brought them in I thought; Oh shit! We fucked up!

Seriously, I thought they’d never fit and I found myself oh-so glad I hadn’t pushed for a sectional!

After some futzing and lots of picayune adjusting they fit just fine. I really wanted to swap their positions and have the couch/cuddle recliners where the ‘love seat’ is but that would never work! Yet, lucky me, I still have “Theater Seating”. That’s right screw going to the movies! I have my very own Luxury Seating right here at home complete with power recliner, drink holder, cubbie, and the power to pause the show whenever I’m hungry or wish to use the Ladies Room. I foresee a very long happy winter by the TV with movies, Netflix, and roaring fires ….WHOOPIE! They’re so damn comfy, hubby and I have been arguing over the ‘Sheldon Spot’…it’s MINE…damnit! Mine, all mine! hahahaha It’s the perfect spot! Optimum TV viewing and a great view of the roaring fire without being sweated out of the room. You know, I must have the optimum view of the fire. It’s very important.

I can’t wait to be snowed in, push the coffee table aside, light the fire, kick back both cuddle recliners on the couch, and fall asleep in front of the fire.

I went to Odd Job yesterday and picked up two lovely end tables; one square and one oval. I was hoping to put one on each end of the new cuddle reclining couch but only one fit. Darn! BUT we put the oval one near the TV for one of the surround speakers so…good deal! $30.00/each and they just screw together, can’t beat it. I put some vases on the bottom of one and hubby put the marble replica of a Greek bowl torch under the other to add weight to each and…voila! Perfection.

After a long day, and night, by the fire sitting exceedingly comfortable on the new furniture I decided it was time to get back to work today. I spend almost the whole day resizing book covers and making new paperback covers. (More on that in a moment). Friday I spent two hours…two hours!…copy/paste and deleting graphics! I figured, what the hell? We upgraded to Windows 10 and I’ve been threatening to do it so…we finally did it. I got rid of over 300 files😛

Today we produced the following. I hope you like them. They will make their official debut on the NEW site somewhere around (probably a bit after) January 1, 2016. These covers will be available ONLY through my site in Signed Edition. Also decided the I’ll keep Kindle versions of my books available through Smashwords and, of course, on my site. However, about 90% of my titles will disappear from Kindle. I’ll make some new “boxed sets” (choke!) and keep the best reviewed books available on Kindle but other than that…I’m gone. Amazon can keep the print books but that’s mostly because they’re the only game in town for such but I’ll keep these Special Edition Covers for signed paperbacks sold through my site. Take a look. No, not done yet, but getting there.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00027]

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]

Yes, I’m nervous about telling Bezos to KMA but, ya know what, if we as Indie Authors (the people he intimidates the most) don’t stand up and actually say KMA then he’ll keep doing it. My sales have totally tanked since leaving Kindle Select Exclusive and the Lending Library furthering my suspicion that some people just want to get something for nothing.

Attention WalMart Shoppers!

I’m not one of them. I don’t expect to be used as one of them. So…I’m putting a stop to it. I’m lucky in that respect I guess, I’m not depending on book sales to earn my keep. I have a very good Day Job. I can afford to tell Jeff Bezos to pucker up. Others can’t or are so enrapt in the fantasy of being a Best Selling Author making billions with their books make into movies that they can’t see straight. Being one of them is voluntary. Its not mandatory. I’ve been around this block too many times to even consider shopping at WalMart…or Amazon for that matter.

Sorry Jeffy.

As is usual for this time of year in New England, it’s getting chilly. A fire. My new couches and a big pot of slow cooked chicken stew are calling my name. I think I’ll give in. Later I’ll have a long hot bath, commune with The Big Guy, and see what else we can come up with to keep us busy and warm this winter.

More book covers. Furthering “In Times of War” and just being happy.

Sounds awesome to me.

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