Jurassic World

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I got two words for this movie: Freakin’ AWESOME!

I almost didn’t have those words. I spent hours yesterday looking at my “local listings” knowing that there was something I wanted to see yesterday but I had to give up ‘Gibbs’ to do. Let me be clear, there ain’t much that can make me give up ‘Gibbs’ for a night. Nope. I couldn’t find what I wanted to watch anywhere! I was so pissed. I racked my brain and then cursed my old self all afternoon for forgetting. I made a really yummy pork roast, worked on the new site a bit (it’s really coming along!). Then I picked up hubby for work and he said; “Did you get the movie?”


We ran straight to fye to pick it up along with “The Godfather” Collection.

We sat down in our comfy new couches…oh they’re dangerously comfortable. I mean, like, I could spend DAYS just sitting on them ordering Dominos with an emoji type of comfy😛 They’re so damn wonderful that I don’t even want to go up to bed at 7pm anymore and, when I do go up to bed, I’m actually tired and ready to sleep. That’s mainly because my back and hips aren’t killing me from sitting on that worn out sofa. LOL

Any-hoo, we popped in the movie and…it was better than the original. I can see why it made a bazillion dollars world wide. Let me be clear here, up until “Guardians of the Galaxy” the only thing I’d ever seen Chris Pratt in was “Wanted” (I had to look him up on IMDB) and he was a dick in that flick. He’s nearly unrecognizable compared to the hunk he is today. And he is rather hunky and funny which makes him even more hunky.

Excuse me?

Yeah, no, no, no, he’ll never replace you my irreplaceable darling.

That’s better. Please…continue.

I can’t wait to watch it again and have a “Jurassic Park” marathon…sans III…not my favorite by any means. I really love II, Jeff Goldblum always makes me laugh. We quote the most famous line in that movie often; Yes, that’s the way it starts out all ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ but then there’s running and screaming.

The effects in “Jurassic World” are nearly flawless, they’re really to die for. I hope the Special Effects crew got a massive bonus because they deserve it. It’s quite obvious that they worked their butts off on this flick. It’s seamless. You know I adore special effects and am always looking for bumps in the road where they’re concerned. There isn’t a single one. I bought the whole thing hook, line, and sinker.

Chris Pratt, like Jeff Goldblum, made me laugh more times than I can count. Bryce Dallas Howard was also very good. I couldn’t believe she never kicked off those shoes…yes, I know people complained about that but, in the end, I completely understood the concept of what the director/writer was going for with them and loved it. Hey! An awesome pair of heels is very hard to come by! One does not simply give them up no matter what.

I was absolutely thrilled to see Vincent D’Onofrio! The second he came on screen I called out; “Bobby!” Thought he’s a lot more ‘Edgar’ than ‘Bobby’ in this movie. Yeah, I loved him in “Men in Black” but he’ll always have a special place in my heart as ‘Bobby’ from Law & Order Criminal Intent (my favorite of the L&O franchise) I was also happy to see the kid from “Iron Man 3”, I think Ty Simpkins has a long and promising career ahead of him.

In short, if you’re a fan of “Jurassic Park” you will not be disappointed with this flick. I promise. If you haven’t seen “Jurassic World” yet…go get it! If you don’t like “Jurassic Park” or big budget action/special effects flicks…wait for your best buddy to buy it then go out and get your own copy. Aunty Moon gives “Jurassic World” an A+ and she’s looking very forward to Part II along with “Guardians of the Galaxy II”. I think Chris Pratt also has a long and promising career ahead of him now that he’s finally broken out of his wife’s (Anna Faris) shadow.

Now, after a very long day of moving into my new website (still a lot to go but I’m getting there) I’m looking forward to a long bath and some serious ‘Sam’ and ‘Dean’ time.🙂

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