Halloween Will Go On Part Deux

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I must say that I felt oodles better after making my rather long post yesterday. This is my blog I can say whatever I want here and I always figure no one but Amazon is really listening anyway😉 So I was quite surprised to see my post has been read over two hundred times and, as of this very second, has been shared on FB 73 times. Not bad. If people are angry…tough. If people are supportive…good for them!

Any-hoo, as I said Halloween is still going forward here at my house and it is our favorite holiday. So…






We have been very busy today🙂

Hubby has been putting his light show together, we have strobe lights, laser lights, and two twirling yellow lights. He’s got his fog machine all set up and has hooked up his strobe light to the speaker on the front deck which will play out spooky sounds. I’m hoping to get some decent video of our little show tonight, if it comes out well I’ll post it here and on FB tomorrow. Yes, nearly ALL of the decorations are witches! That plastic orange pumpkin with the mask over its face was my Halloween treat bag. Yes, it was. That makes it ‘vintage’ like me. I know you can’t see what’s in the window very well but I bought a brand new light set in the shape of a spider’s web with a big old orange spider in the middle (those lights are purple) and I hung a bat in the web as though it’s stuck there. I have a string of orange lights (also new) hanging at the top of the window. On the sill are my three favorite witches above them are various pumpkin candle holders, two of which are pumpkin witches. When the fog and the lights get going things should look pretty sharp. There should be a nice eerie glow to the fog with the new string of green lights along the outside of the window.

If you come by and you’re welcome to, please wear a costume. I hate it when people just show up with a plastic bag and have put forth no effort to be rewarded. I think I’ll even throw on an old black dress and my black velvet cape….go as myself. LOL Yes, of course, we have candy. No carrots or stickers. Sorry.


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  1. It looks great! I hope you’re able to get some video to share!

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