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My stupid little straight-from-the-heart spur-of-the-moment (cuz people finally got out of my way!) post Halloween Will Go On has officially and very easily topped 2000 hits in just under 3 days and has been ‘shared’ on FB 325+ plus times!

Wow! All of the years I’ve spent trying to get people to read this blog and buy just ONE book and THIS happens? Seriously? You guys really are “nuts” in one way or another, could be a good way could be a bad way, that’s up to you to decide. I know the vast majority of people are coming in from FB but I don’t know where else the post has been shared. I wish people had more stones and would leave a comment but they don’t. Bummer. Oh well, at least my books aren’t garnering a whole bunch of unwarranted 1 star reviews although Kindle sales did inexplicably rise in the last few days🙂

Oh well, whatever. As we all know Life Doesn’t Stop for Anything so neither have I. Hubby has made a scrumptious spaghetti sauce and we’ll share it with Miss Rebecca and Hector tonight. I’ve spent the day doing the Little Things on the new sight. Learning HTML 5 and Schema is a pain but hopefully it will work out well. I’ve gotten the reviews pages up for most of the stories and in so doing came across a few trolls. I thought I’d give them their due. So they’re up there on a few review pages along side the 5, 4.5, and 4 star reviews. Hey, what’s life if you can’t have a little fun with the dingbats?

With any luck at all, the site will actually be done just around Thanksgiving. I’ll still hold off on the Grand Opening until December 31st. It will give me plenty of time to take making sure everything, Front End and Back End, are up to snuff. Let’s face it…I don’t want to freaking do this AGAIN! Although I am very happy with all of the new space I’ve found now that ten years worth of graphics are being left behind.🙂

Cross your fingers that on January 1, 2016 moonsmusings.com actually becomes nothing more than a relay to lisabethdarling.com or….pretty much anyway. I haven’t decided what to do with the photography (probably dump it) or the genealogy (it’s HUGE and people find it very helpful!) or hubby’s part of the site though I’m thinking about getting him roygorman.com is its available.

Back to work tomorrow, freakin’ sucks! I NEED a VACATION! I didn’t take one at all this year what with all that’s gone on I just got to grab a day here and there. BUT my renewal time is coming up and I may just squeeze as much time off between December 23 and January 3 or 4 that I possibly can. Sounds like a plan. In the meantime I’m anxiously awaiting to see if said offending post reaches 400 shares. LOL

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