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Finally the brouhaha surrounding my Halloween post has died down. Geesh. That stupid post received over 3,500 hits. Damn. Do you know what I could do if that happened with a BOOK SALE? LOL No, wait, seriously. Any idea on how I generate that much interest around my books? I’d love to hear your ideas.😛

To that end, I’ve been working furiously on the new site. I’ve had a little help these last two days. I started taking SlimQuick. WOW! I don’t know if I’m going to lose any weight this way but, man, do I have tons of energy and drive! Yep, that’s due to the massive amount of caffeine in it, it surely is, so if you have an aversion to caffeine I don’t suggest you take it. For myself, it’s reminding me of The Good Ol’ Days way back in high school when I lived on a Diet Coke and a few Yellow Jackets a day. Yes, I was skinny as hell. I was wired. I had all kinds of energy. Yes, Yellow Jackets are quite illegal and they’re “speed”. I’d take a few of those and, believe it or not, totally ace any test put in front of me. You have no friggin’ clue how many tests, including midterms and finals, that I never studied for but got the highest grades in class on due those lovely little yellow and green capsules.

Groan if you want but…I’m honest. To a fault. Always have been. Always will be.

I’ve walked around in a zombie-like haze ever since Peri-menopause hit about 8 years ago so this zingy feeling is very refreshing. Not only do I actually have energy but I want to do stuff. My house is CLEAN. My laundry is completely DONE and put away! LOL I’m totally caught up at work AND I’ve been busting my butt on the new website. It’s coming out sch-weet! I’ve got a few more things to do including really blowing out the front page but other than that…it’s done, baby. I expect that by Monday morning there won’t be anything left to do but open it.

I think it’s very pretty and bright. I loved the black of the old site but all research indicates people don’t like a black site. I hope those people have never worn a strapless backless little black dress or a tuxedo. Honestly, I suspect the majority probably hasn’t. That’s sad, huh? I don’t know if the new URL and total re-haul will bring me any more sales than I had been making but, with any luck at all, hopefully people will hit the site and stay longer than they had been. Again, with any luck, they’ll find it/me easier than they had been before. I’m working my tail off on this Back End stuff making every single page and every single graphic more search engine friendly. Only Time will tell if all this effort has any pay-off. Cross your fingers and light a candle for me that it does.

In my quest to make it All It Can Be I also made a brand new banner and took my picture off it.


I have smaller one, a logo, to go with it that, if I’ve done my coding right, should be picked up by search engines and displayed on any links that come up. Yep, that’s it, right over there ——> to your right on the sidebar🙂

I’ve learned and been able to implement so much over this last month with the new site that it’s blowing my mind. I guess that just goes to show what you can do and learn how to do if you just put your mind (and maybe some SlimQuick) to it. Even this old dog can learn a new trick or two.

Hell, I even learned some new stuff at work! Freakin’ Excel, I hate that program with a burning passion. Second only to PhotoShop, it is the least intuitive program on the face of the Earth. I spent all day Monday working on overhauling the darn t-shirt inventory since we got a boatload of new ones in. OY! What a pain. It took an entire day but I did manage to get it to work. With any other program copy/paste actually means copy/paste but not with Excel. Grrrrrrr. Oh well, that’s done. I guess that’s good but did you know that I was FIRED from EVERY retail job I ever had? Yep, I surely was. Know why? I LOATHED every retail job I ever had! LOL If they keep ordering all this merchandise I foresee the same problem ahead. At least, we’re doing it in a better fashion now, something that actually makes sense, is intuitive, and is simple unlike the other way the other….woman….had things set up. I guess that’s good too. Now, if I could just get them to use the inventory and the information it provides to past purchases and apply it to future purchases I’d really be doing something. However, in the end, that’s really not my problem. If they get stuck with a ton of ugly ‘safety green’ shirts and sweat shirts…oh well. (Oh yeah, they are getting stuck with them. I got TONS of that hideous color, want some? LOL) I understand the concept behind that nasty shade but what the higher ups don’t understand is; no one cares. You cannot wear that color shirt/sweat shirt anywhere but the job site. Nope, you just can’t. Sorry. I’d suggest they do something intelligent like buying shirts/sweat shirts in black and/or grey with reflective coloring instead of the ‘safety green’ but it wouldn’t do me any good. They’ll never listen to me, you know the only person with actual design experience. So…..whatever.

Anyway, in a few hours it will be “Winchester Night” so I’m looking forward to some dinner, some time with hubby, a hot bath and then Sam & Dean.🙂

More web work tomorrow.

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