Getting Duped

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Earlier today, I posted a YOUTUBE link to my personal FB account which I have DELETED because it totally FUCKED UP my ability to access GOOGLE including my GMAIL. I posted that link to show how STUPID and utterly GULLIBLE some people can be. BUT, because I didn’t answer the host websites questions the way they wanted me to I am not UNABLE to access GOOGLE and GMAIL. Yes, I had the gall to tell them to fuck off and that they were full of shit. What can I say? That’s me. Don’t like it….nobody cares, get used to it.

So look…if you’re a fucking a Republican who is completely unable to think for themselves, do me the kindness and just ‘unfriend’ me. Do it on FB, on Twitter and any other site where you may be my ‘friend’ or ‘following’ me. Just keep your uninformed propagandist BS to yourself especially if you’re not interested in ‘opposing view points’.


No one needs you.

No one wants your around.

Seriously you’re nothing more than a drain on the society you’re currently attempting to rail against.

Please just go back to screwing the family nearest you and making inbred babies who will eventually NEED the fail safe social systems put in place for your ignorant ass but of course you don’t ‘need’.

Get a job.

Get a LIFE.

Close your legs.

Go jackoff instead of holding your mother/sister/grandmother/aunt down because you’re just not…anywhere near enough of a valuable human being to be able to get someone outside of your bloodlines to be interested you.

Thanks so much.


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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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