Movie Reviews; San Andreas, Genisys, Goonies

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We’ve had a very lovely weekend of Deep Couch Sitting…especially now that the NEW couch is FIXED. No, Bob’s wasn’t the one the fixed it, we were. The guy came and looked at the couch I told him I thought it had something to do with the power cord since it was acting a bit wonky ever since we got it. It looked at this. He looked at that. He unplugged this. He plugged in that. finally he got to the splitter which drives power to both sides of the power reclining sofa and…it don’t work.

I sorta said that but, ok.

Guess what? He doesn’t have one with him in his truck.


Nope. Have to order one. It will FedExed to me (no it wasn’t!) when I received it I was to call Bob’s Furniture and let them know so they could schedule an appointment for some repairman to come back and do a 3 minute job that even I was able to figure out! GRRRRRRR The last thing I wanted was to wait another week for this nearly idiotic repair. Why didn’t the serviceman have this in his truck to begin with? He knew where he was coming. He knew what model he was going to be working on. Why not bring the most basic ‘fix its’ with him?

Yes, I know, Common Sense and Elvis Left the Building at the same moment.😛

It arrived via regular US Post yesterday and hubby took the 3 minutes to put it on. The new couch works perfectly now. Yeah, it’s really nice. Truly. Honestly. It’s freakin’ awesome. If I had my way I’d never leave it. Nope. I surely wouldn’t. LOL

Any-hoo, on Friday I stopped at FYE to pick up “San Andreas” and “Genisys”. I grabbed them right off…on DVD thinking, well, I heard the review, no sense in paying ‘full price’ for blu-ray. (Sorry). As I walked up to the checkout counter I saw the $5.00 Bin. Right in front of me was “The Goonies”. I grabbed it faster than you could say “Chunk”. It’s a Classic. It belongs in our inner collection and, to tell the truth, although I’ve watched it at least 50 times on TV I’ve never seen it ‘uncut’.

Friday night we watched “San Andreas” and it certainly had its faults (hahahaha) but it was ok. It was hard to suspense disbelief in a few places but what else can you expect from a Big Budget Hollywood Action Flick (that skimps a tiny bit on the special effects…not good. And the technical research…yeowza.) I happen to love Rocky so much I’m nearly willing to completely overlook those little foibles.🙂 If you had two hours to kill at a buddy’s house who had this movie, let them throw it in the player for you. Kick back with a beer and some chips. Let go of reality. Have a little fun. Aunty Moon gives it a C.

Then we watched “Genisys” because, well, we’re old and we own ALL of the “Terminator” movies. It’s true. We are. We do. How could I resist this? On principle alone I had to give it a shot, right? I wasn’t disappointed. Not too much anyway. My old heart will always have a soft spot for Arnie (and several other era action heroes). I liked the twist on the previous films. I didn’t like the way ‘John Connor’ found ‘Kyle Reese’, I prefer to stick to so-called Canon in small instances like that. Just like with “Batman”, I always want ‘The Joker’ to have killed his parents AND to have said; “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

I ADORE that line. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I just think it was brilliant and should have found its way, where appropriate, into the subsequent barrage of “Batman” movies.

If you love the ‘Terminator’ movies, you have to see this. In its own way it’s really very good. But you have to be open to it and the fact that people, even Terminators, age and change. Fish it out of the $5.00 bin (I actually got it for $12.00). Crack open your favorite alcoholic beverage, get your favorite snack food(s) (I don’t judge there! LOL), put your feet up with a nice bit of Old Toby and have a good time. Aunty Moon gives it a solid B+

Yesterday we watched “The Goonies”. I don’t really have to go into detail over this one do I? It’s a Classic freakin’ 80s Movie!


That’s it, if it weren’t, I wouldn’t have insisted on adding it to the inner collection. You know; The Best of the Best of the Best…According to Aunty Moon.🙂

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