A Quick Little Tale

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So, I went to bed last night, watched some TV and played a lot of Facebook games while hubby played “Star War Battlefront” in the living room. Eventually, he came up, we watched a little more TV. As we turned to go to sleep I said: “Did you let Mungie in?”

“No,” said hubby, “he’s outside, the rest of them are in.”

For those of you who don’t know, we have four cats of which Mungie/Mongo/Diego is the largest by far. I felt bad about leaving him out there but he had his chance to come in. We went to sleep.

Long about 3am I woke up hungry and couldn’t go back to sleep. I padded down the stairs naked rubbing my sleepy eyes and remembered Mungie was outside. I stumbled over to the sliding door, looked out on the deck, there he was. I opened the door, “Come on, Mungie, let’s go.”

The hulking shadow on the deck stood up, turned around in my direction, and started happily waddling toward me as I held the door for him. He got about a foot from me before the moonlight fell across his face and I saw that familiar mask. “Oh, shit,” I mumbled looking down at the very large racoon coming my way as if he wanted to be pet. Just as he got to the door I closed it.

He stopped, hung his head, then came forward again to put his little paws on the door. He looked up at me as if to say; “What’s the deal lady? You called me over here. You said I could come in. Every night I look through this glass and wonder what’s on the other side. C’mon let me in. Please?”

I walked away, sat on the couch, stuffed a few Doritos in my hungry mouth and all I could see in my head was

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