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I had the WEIRDEST freakin’ dream last night!

I don’t know if it was because I was tired or that I’d actually had the bravado to write and then post it yesterday or if it was just because I totally BINGED on “Supernatural” last night….BUT….

I dreamed I went to my bank and I made a deposit. No big deal. Simple everyday thing, right?

Except my bank had an ELEVATOR…which of course it does not. I had to take the elevator to the 7th floor to make the deposit which went swimmingly. Then I got back on the elevator to go to the 1st floor but…no. The elevator opened and it was HUGE. I mean it was a luxury room unto itself. Complete with plants, two levels, a couch, chairs, and artwork on the walls. I pushed for the 1st floor but other people kept getting on and pushing the button and it seemed they overrode my choice. Most of the people were dressed to the 9’s. I mean, REALLY decked out in tuxedos and gowns and diamonds and Rolex watches. It was quite the sight to see. At some point I realized they were all going to the 117th floor.

If there’s a single building in the entire City of New London that’s over 15 floors…I’ll eat my hat. I will and I’ll do it with a smile.

There was a restaurant on the 117th floor. The doors kept opening, I kept smelling this delicious food, hearing laughter and music and seeing people just having a wonderful time.

I sat down on the couch, very soft, very plush, very comfy and waited for the elevator to go to the 1st floor. It seemed I wasn’t alone. Throughout the dream people dressed in normal “street clothes” got on and waited and waited and waited for the Fancy People to stop going to the restaurant on the 117th floor so we could all get back to our cars, leave, and go about our own drab lives.

Then the elevator had nothing but us “normal people”. And it DROPPED! I mean it freakin’ DROPPED! Then it shot UPWARD so fast we all hit the ceiling and then we plunged to the floor scrambling around for something to hold onto. The doors opened, there was the fancy restaurant with all its fancy clientele. They looked at us as if we were dog shit on the bottom of their overpriced shoes. The doors closed. That fucker DROPPED like a rock again.

The doors opened. There was a bank. It wasn’t MY bank, not by any means. But it was a bank and it seemed pretty empty except for the tellers. All of us on the elevator ran for the doors and tumbled out. We brushed ourselves off and started to complain.

Then there were gunmen. They were holding up the bank. They had masks over their faces and great big guns in their hands that they turned to us at the tellers held their hands up. One of the tellers said everything would be alright and she pushed a great big wad of cash across her counter. The gunmen glanced toward it and I thought; Fuck this shit, I didn’t spend HOURS on that damn Elevator from Hell so these assholes could get in my way!

I rushed them. Just ran at them. My head down as though I were going to tackle them. Then I heard the other “normal people” behind me doing the same.

It ended in a bloodbath with me as the ringleader looking at down at some masked bastard below me. I shoved a pen into the corner of his eye and swished it around mangling his gray matter beyond all hope; a home made lobotomy. He flopped around underneath me like a fish out of water. I grinned over him as I kneed him in the balls and relieved him of his gun before turning it on the robbers.

“Anybody else?” I asked.

They all ran away scrambling onto the Elevator from Hell. As the doors closed I cackled like an old witch in a movie knowing they were trapped there and they’d never get off it.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that was awfully odd. But I went back to sleep with a smile.

Weird, huh? Even this morning I awoke laughing.

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