Freedom of Speech

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Is a basic, fundamental, Government Given Right…yes it is.

However, it protects you from the Government and NOT from your neighbor. Got it?

You do NOT have an actual RIGHT to have your opinion ‘respected’ by anyone. You simply have a right to state it. If you don’t have the testicular fortitude to take whatever backlash there may be from you stating said opinion and you’re going to whine and cry and feel entitled to be ‘respected’…shut the hell up.

That’s it.

Just shut up. You’re not mature enough to know what you opinion actually IS never mind state it.

This Public Service Announcement arises from a certain meme


This and others like it have been all over my Facebook feed and I happen to agree. Look, Donald Trump isn’t just ‘Gordon Gekko’ he’s also ‘Greg Stillson’

Some of us are intelligent enough to recognize a cowardly bully when we see one and others are not. Them’s the breaks, babe. But, hey, don’t feel too badly, you know in “Obedience to Authority” by Stanley Milligram, he discovered that a full 65% of the entire population would bow down and lick the boots of anyone who they thought was in some type of position of


Author-ah-tah. Over them.

Which means that a mere 35% of the entire population has the testicular fortitude to call “Bull Shit” when they see it.

You’re in the 65%. You’re a Sheeple. You feel powerless. You have no direction other than what’s given to you. It’s ok. Just accept it. You have no backbone. No spine. No balls. We understand how difficult it is to do the right thing no matter what the consequences may be.

However, you should not feel ‘entitled’ to have your ‘opinion’ ‘respected’ by the masses if you support this Don Corleone wannabe. You absolutely have a RIGHT TO YOUR opinion and you have an absolute RIGHT to VOTE for him if you want to. That doesn’t shield you from the backlash of your neighbors, buddies, bosses, or even Facebook Friend. No, it does not.

So please stop claiming ‘rights’ you don’t have. Instead, please, take a Civics/Citizenship course! I know you’re laughing, but honestly, KNOWING YOUR ACTUAL RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW is the difference between; “All charges dropped”, “Probation”, and “Five to Life”. So KNOW them. Don’t just go by what you hope is true or what your entitled PC world tells you is ‘true’. Know the real facts before you open your mouth.

Always remember while you have the absolute RIGHT to get up on your soap box and scream your ‘opinion’ to the masses….someone else will come along with a bigger soap box and stronger set of lungs to drown you out.

That’s THEIR right.

Live with it. Grow up. Show some backbone.

I know, I know, in a worth where you got an award for just showing up and in a world where you feel pitifully small and helpless that’s difficult to do. It is. So then may I suggest that you could always just shut up. That’s an option. Yes it is.

Please, understand, this is also an option with ANY opinion you may hold; abortion, religion, politics…any single opinion at all. You have the unequivocal Right to Remain Silent. You do! So use it if your mouth is apt to start writing checks the rest of you can’t cash.

Take a step back and take a look at the idea that YOU may be part of the “American Taliban/ISIS”. It could be YOU trying to withhold rights from others in the name of nothing more than your own cowardly fear. Could be. Yes it could.

Once again, this has been nothing more than a Public Service Announcement from your loving Aunty Moon.

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