Just a Little Tip from Aunty Moon

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As I told my Facebook friends today……

Look, I LOVE Farm Heroes Saga, Blossom Saga, AlphaBetty Saga and the like. I play them incessantly. I do! I also LOVE “Supernatural”.

So here’s my tip: DO NOT…under any circumstances whatsoever!….do BOTH at the same time right before bed or you may end up like me last night.

I was furiously trying to match up Sams and Deans so I could get Crowley and advance to the next level while getting ‘power ups’ (Mario Brothers reference) causing little Castiels to float over the screen shooting bad guys like Han Solo…


Don’t do that. Play a game(s) or watch “Supernatural”. One or the other. NOT both. M’kay?


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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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