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On drunken lark, I threw out the first page of “The Heart of War” to Dear Author for a critique.

Of course they got back to me when my computer was kaput and there was nothing I could do about it! Many thanks to my wonderful hubby who not only got me up and running again but who also saved my data and gave me dual monitors! I was really sweating the LOSS of ALL my BOOKS along with covers, trailer, and other graphics not to mention 7 years worth of photography! I tried hard not to show my biter anguish knowing he gets enough of that at his job AND I figured I don’t really write as much as I’d like to anymore so….what’s the big loss?

Anyway, Dear Author ‘critiqued’ the first page of “The Heart of War” in my absence and I’m glad I wasn’t around for it. I’d like YOU Dear Kind and Gentle Reader to take a look and tell me what you think. Check it out here (hopefully that link takes you directly to the post concerning me, not really sure though, sorry.)

I was more than a bit disappointed in the reactions. I know it takes a lot more than 1 page to get to know Ares, in fact, the first CHAPTER would be a better sample. He’s NOT “absent minded” he just doesn’t give a shit…get it?

BUT in reading these critiques I can’t help but feeling this is a bunch of Millennials. I’m Gen X. So…ya know…we have far different standards. I’m glad my computer was down so I couldn’t respond to them. I raised TWO Millennials. (Lucky me.) Yes, I love them both but I also know first had what type of education they didn’t receive. It pains me, it really does. It also colors my image of people in said age bracket to the point where I don’t really care what they have to say…for the most part. When/if my daughters ever stop reaching in my pocket for cash that opinion of mine may change but not until then. Frankly, I’m just glad neither of them is living in my basement.šŸ˜›

I just want to say one thing to one poster; Yes, my darling, according to “today’s standards” you ARE Over the Hill at 35. In fact, according to statistics, you are in MID LIFE. Get over it. Unless you want to read about naive little chickies the rest of your life, that is. Embrace your encroachment unto middle age, my darling.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say. If YOU go over and read the critiques AND you’ve read “The Heart of War”, I’d be very interested in hearing your educated opinions.

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  1. All I can say is wow. I myself can’t judge a story by one page, and I don’t think I’m too “dense” to get it. I also don’t think that you can get a true “feel” for characters in one page! As for the age group, unfortunately WE raised the generation of “entitled” young adults who expect immediate gratification and don’t believe they should have to struggle or work for anything. We tried to make their lives better by making things easier for them than it was for us. All we accomplished was turning them into a generation who’s first thought is “what’s in it for me?”. Granted that is NOT true of the entire generation but it is the majority. I myself sacrificed for my parents and never regretted it. But maybe if I had put myself first more often when my children were growing up they wouldn’t hate me so much for putting myself first now. Sorry…I digress…

    • True enough, we did do this to them but I’m not quite sure how it happened. I railed against little feel good “awards” and the fact that NO teacher…not a single blessed one of them!…ever corrected my kid’s spelling. I was told that would “stifle their creativity”. You like that one? When I asked what good was ‘creativity’ if they couldn’t adequately express themselves to the level they were understood because there were so many spelling errors I was told “That’s what spellcheck is for.” Nice. We have a generation of people who can’t wait in a line and who stand in front of a microwave saying “hurry up!”. It’s crazy. I count myself lucky to be part of a generation where more was expected of me.

      • You’re right. We didn’t make this mess alone. Technology played a big part in it. They can’t spell without spellcheck, they can’t do math without a calculator. And now the scoops want to take away cursive…what will make them unique? Their greedy attitudes?!?!

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