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Sucks. It does. I can’t put it nicer than that, sorry if you’re ‘offended’.

My big Virtual Tour kicked off today and if you’re interested in what Ares has to say in his new Holiday Interview I suggest you check it out on Kristina’s Books n More. She always does such a wonderful job. As does Roxanne from Bewitching Book Tours.

However, when it comes to Give Me Books Promotions I’m going to have to say that I do NOT recommend them. I was supposed to be on 150+ blogs/sites today through them but I’m not. Simple as that…I’m not. In going through the list of links they sent me YESTERDAY and I had to scramble to get on my site I can see that nearly half of them have not posted and some of them had the nerve to send links that go to OTHER PEOPLE’S BOOKS! No joke. The links to straight to someone else book! I’ll be removing that entire list of links from my site tomorrow leaving only the main link for Give Me Books Promotions so that those readers interested can get in on the giveaway of $25.00 PayPal Cash or AGC.

I mean, honestly, some of these folks who said they wanted to participate haven’t put up Jack since SEPTEMBER! You’d think for the money I’m paying Give Me Books would do a double-check to ensure quality. They didn’t. They were also hard to keep in touch with and get answers from. They wanted a full copy of OF WAR Complete to give to their ‘reviewers’ and I’m so glad that I didn’t comply. I can’t find a SINGLE review for “The Heart of War” anywhere in their listing of participating websites. They assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem getting the ENTIRE series reviewed…yeah, right. Well, it can be a problem when you don’t even start advertising for tour hosts until a WEEK before the tour kicks off. Yes, it can. On the other hand, some of those who have participated through Give Me Books have been very good they’re posting on FB and tagging me so I can see and they’re Twittering for me. All of which is much appreciated. However, the service is definitely NOT “as advertised”. I won’t be going with them again.

Oh well, lesson learned and, of course, the main reason I put out so much money here at the end of 2015 was….for the tax deduction. I’m not disappointed there. LOL Yeah, I can’t see a great influx of sales from this before December 31, 2015 so all will be well when it comes Tax Time and that greedy bastard Uncle Sam wants a bigger percentage from ME than he does from Exxon!

If you’re an Indie Author I would definitely go with Bewitching and Enchanted Book Promotions the woman who runs that is very nice and does great graphics. I was a bit disappointed with Bewitching’s graphics this time around, so much so that I decided I couldn’t even use them. So I didn’t. That’s how we got this


Instead of this


Which I found completely unacceptable. I mean, ya know, if she was having trouble all she had to do was email me for the raw file and I would have been happy to send it to her.

Goddess Fish is next up in February. I haven’t heard from them. They’re supposed to be handing Sins of the Father. Ok, I didn’t realize these were the same people who do Long and Short Reviews or I might have sent in an OF WAR book but, I’ve had so many problems just getting anything reviewed through their site I guess I’m glad I didn’t send them an OF WAR book to promo. I’ve tried since “Heart” was released to get on their site in any meaningful way…I did once years ago…and to have them review something of mine…they never did. We’ll see how the book tour goes, I guess.

In any event, I’m off the Promo Wheel until April or so. I guess that’s good. Mostly I really really really just wanted to get the search engines to start recognizing my new site over the old one. This was the best way to do it. Since I get to take the tax breaks for it….it’s all good. It could be much better but it’s good for now. I can forget about it and concentrate on Christmas. Nikki will be coming home for the holiday she’ll be here from the 23rd through the 27th so I’ll be able to spend time with her and not worry about book sales knowing that I did the best I could on that score.

Hopefully 2016 will bring me new books to write. That is the Muse ever comes back to me. He’s pissed off at me for a number of things but mostly for allowing my DH to run him out of my life. I don’t blame him. I miss him more than I can possibly say. I hope he comes back and breathes new life into this old lady.

Only time will tell on that one.

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  1. jovialvampyre

    I am SO sorry. SUCKS is too mild.

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