This n That; Texas Roadhouse & Lawrence Memorial Hospital

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Let’s start with the asshole then we’ll move to the review of Texas Roadhouse.

I drove through Lawrence & Memorial’s parking lot on my way home in which there are an over-abundance of “STOP” signs so that people can cross from one side of the lot to the other. there are so many they are not only totally annoying they are totally unnecessary and serve only to cater to morons which I will now describe to you, dear reader.

I stopped at all of the asinine STOP signs and managed to narrowly miss some homeless person who was hired as a Rent-a-Cop for the hospital. So, hey! L&M! When hiring unshaven, rumpled, idiot, to patrol your lot, before you give them a uniform teach them to be 1-spacially aware and 2-to Stop, Look, and Listen before crossing any street/parking lot, 3-NOT to bang on people’s windows. The next time, I’m going to bang on his empty head in the same manner. Then I’ll gleefully roll over it whereupon I expect nothing to come out of it but hot air. He crossed the lot directly in front of me AFTER I stopped and then started again. He was totally unaware of the position of the sun and the fact that he could not be seen in the glare and, of course, he didn’t bother to Stop, Look, or Listen. However, he felt perfectly justified in banging on my window–so hard I thought he was 1-an escapee from the Pond House (given his appearance that wasn’t a leap at all!) and 2-he was going to break it and then cursing when I, not only didn’t roll down the window for him, but left him in the dust as the traffic light had turned green and there were people behind me. If I were you L&M, I’d do a better job vetting my employees. Kindly make sure their IQ is actually somewhere above 69. Yes, I know you get a tax break for hiring the “handicapped” but still…..he’d be better off panhandling. That’s a job that I’m sure is more suited to his mental acuity than being a rent-a-cop. So, here’s fair warning; the next time he does that, I will jump out of my car and beat his useless ass senseless. Then you can take care of him after he crawls to the other side of the building and to the Emergency Room.

Got it?

Now to the Texas Roadhouse which has a staff that is way smarter and far more on the ball than Mr. I-Drool-On-Myself Rent-a-Cop.

Hubby and I had yesterday off…ok scratch that…after a very long weekend we both decided to take yesterday off. Me? I was left ALONE in the office ALL week. I love my job but I swear it has got to be one of the loneliest jobs on the planet. Most times not even the Painters are there. It’s just me. We went and dropped hubby’s car off at Girard Nissan (again) on Sunday because it wasn’t always starting and it had a strange habit of shaking at speeds over 50 mph. Yes, this is the second time we’ve had to send it in for repairs since we purchased it…in October. The first time, we were without it for nearly a month! BUT, thanks to the extended warranty we purchased and then fought over, the transmission was replaced. On our way over there on Sunday, hubby told me I narrowly missed being ‘wiped out’ by some asshole behind me as I made the turn into Antonio Acura. I didn’t even notice and, to tell the truth, didn’t care, still don’t. Seems some douche-bag hit his brakes so hard that he spun out behind me because he was too busy on his cellphone to notice 1-the lanes narrowed to one lane 2-the speed limit wasn’t 65 mph and 3-someone (me) was making a left hand turn in front of him. Hubby’s heart was beating fast, he couldn’t believe I didn’t see that! I told him I didn’t give a rat’s ass about some dipshit behind me too stupid to notice the traffic in front him. Ya know, sort of like the Rent-a-Cop who actually deserved to be run down because he’s so so dumb but we have laws in place to protect the stupid, thereby bringing down the Intelligence Curve for the entire country.

Any-hoo, we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner last night. This is a new place in my town. I should say that I truly, honestly, miss the locally owned steakhouses we used to have; The 95 House and Chuck’s Steakhouse to name two. The last time we went to Outback we were disappointed. The last time we went to Longhorn Steakhouse it was ok. So we tried this place after not being able to get in the weekend before because it was soooo busy…because it’s new, of course. This time next year seating on a Saturday night will be a breeze.

The food is good. It’s average. The prices are good. The waitstaff was wonderful, our waitress was on the ball the whole time and she had a nice smile as she served us. The atmosphere leaves something to be desired. If you like a subdued dining experience as was once provided by The 95 House and Chuck’s this isn’t the place for you. This place is rather boisterous. Not that it’s a bad thing but I do like a quieter atmosphere when I’m dining. I don’t care for Country Music so that was a bit of a drawback and they have several parking spaces that are ‘reserved’ for a number of different people, none of which are exactly legal so feel to park to them if you want to. Someone might bitch but you won’t get a ticket for parking in those spots.

We ordered potato skins for appetizers and they were really good. They were. Go to any other place and you will so NOT get that much yummy bacon on your skins! LOL The salads that came with the meal were OK. Not bad but average. They don’t have any balsamic vinegar. If you like oil and vinegar on your salad you may be a bit out of luck. It doesn’t even come to the table in nice shakers. It comes to you in little cups. There’s no creamy garlic dressing which is something the 95 House was famous for and it was freakin’ AWESOME! Our salads came before our appetizers. That’s a no-no here in New England. However, I ordered the 8 ounce rib-eye and hubby got the 12 ounce. I was going to order the 6 ounce since it was before 6 o’clock and I could have received a whole dollar off the price but I was hungry so I got the 8 ounce instead. It was cooked medium rare just the way I like it but when I asked for butter the waitress gave me a strange glance before going off to get it. If you’ve never slathered your perfectly done steak with fresh butter and instead cover it with steak sauce you’re missing out. I got my butter, I put it on my steak, and it was very good.

We left full and satisfied which was also good since the dessert menu wasn’t all that great.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend the place to actual Steak Lovers. Like I said the atmosphere is loud. It isn’t a good ‘dining experience’ it’s more of a family-style place and I would actually call it ‘family style’ if they had a salad bar. It’s a step above something like Bonanza, Ponderosa, and American Steakhouse…all of which I miss very much. There were several babies making noise, nothing over the top, but since my baby days are long gone and I’m not interested in repeating them….eh. I’ll stick with Longhorn and their freakin’ awesome Mac & Cheese when I want a good steak and a relaxed adult atmosphere.

I did come home so stuffed (at a decent price) that not only did I have to take off my jeans and get in my PJs I actually felt the need to go to bed! LOL I laid up there groaning, holding my tummy, and watching “Thor II: The Dark World” (one of my favorite movies cuz I just adore Thor and Loki). There’s enough leftover to make steak and eggs for dinner tonight.

So if you don’t mind Country Music, bright neon lights, over-the-top fake wood paneling, (I mean it’s freakin’ everywhere!) and crying babies, Texas Roadhouse is a good bet for you. For myself, eh, I’ll go back because it was tasty and the prices were reasonable but for a real Dining Experience I’ll go elsewhere.

Perhaps I’ll do that as a celebration for knocking the shit out of some homeless windbag masquerading as a Rent-A-Cop. Honestly, I was really hoping that douche bag had enough empty balls to follow me home, knock on my door the way he banged on my car window, and trying to confront me. I really was.

Maybe next time. I mean, ya know, not only is there a baseball bat at every door to my house there are axes readily available too.

Who needs a gun when you have real balls?

C’mon, Rent-A-Cop….I double dawg dare ya.

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