Christmas Minions

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Let’s see, after work on Friday I went and did my FIRST round of Christmas shopping. I went to Ocean State Job Lot, did my thing and upon check out was asked if I wanted to donate money for food for the hungry. I said: “Yes, five dollars please.” The woman looked at me like I was a saint! “Five dollars?” She asked, “Are you sure?” “Yes,” said I.

The good things about donating through Ocean State Job Lot this time of year are that they double the donation, the food stays local, and they donate the trucks and labor to the cause. So, ya know, five bucks…big deal.

Then I went grocery shopping, always a joy. My cupboards were EMPTY so it was time. I did my thing knowing the Union Christmas Party was that night and we were holding a Canned Food Drive. I poked around for things to buy and every time I thought; “No, maybe not.” Hannah piped up in my head. “Poor!” She stuttered. “Poor!”

Ok, they’re poor. I know what it is to be poor and hungry. When I found the Campbell’s “Star Wars” soup cans I couldn’t help buying several of them along with Sapghetti-os cans of the same hoping some kid would like to have them. (I don’t want to hear about ‘processed foods’, if you’re going to complain about that then I suggest to you that you have NEVER truly been HUNGRY in your entire life…count yourself lucky as you hold your tongue.) In the end we donated two very heavy bags of food to the Gemma E. Moran Food Pantry. Nothing crappy either. No way. I got the good stuff, baby, even if it wasn’t ‘on sale’.

Brought it all home, put it all away. Well, no, not really. For the very FIRST time, I just put the bags of Christmas presents in the living room and left them there. The girls have moved out. No more lugging it in, hauling it upstairs, hiding it, wrapping it, and hauling it back down.🙂

I came into the living room to have a rest and discovered hubby had brought home a small Christmas Tree.


Great Minds Think Alike! I looked at the same type of trees at Stop & Shop while doing the grocery shopping and was inches away from buying one! LOL

We went to the party where everyone was having a rockin’ good time. It’s so different from hubby’s office Christmas Parties (which he isn’t having this year until sometime in January….yeah you read that right.) My guys are GUYS his guys are….not. They’re loud. They’re boisterous. They don’t hold back what’s on their mind. I love each and every one of them for it. Upon leaving hubby seemed impressed that I received so many greeting, hugs, and well-wishes. I’m just the secretary after all, it’s not like I’m hanging my ass off the side of a building on a job site with these wonderful folks. I like my job and doing whatever I can to help take care of them. It’s not much, usually I’m just the ‘bitch’ who sends the ‘nasty letter’ once a month but sometimes I manage more than that. LOL I think they like because I don’t whine and complain when they throw around a few cuss words or call me ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’ or ‘darlin” (no, most of them don’t know my maiden name is Darling!) In fact, I’m more apt to toss it back it them with a smile and good-naturedly than to huff and puff over it. I guess they consider me ‘one of the guys’ and that’s good with me. Wouldn’t have it any other way actually.

After the party, hubby and I hit The Mall. Good timing on our part, most people were having their dinner so we got in and out in basically no time at all. We picked up “Minions” for ourselves a long with a few cartfuls of gifts for the girls. We went to Wendy’s to get our dinner but it seems the staff there is all new so…we went to Mickey D’s. I mean, the place was full of SMOKE! People were just standing around waiting for their food while someone behind the counter shouted out; “Hey! Is this yours?”


We got our dinner and came home to watch “Minions”. If you haven’t seen the “Despicable Me” movies, don’t bother with this you won’t understand. You must be able to interpret ‘Minion Speak’. If you can do that this is a very funny movie. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Today we did more Christmas Shopping. Honestly, we’re almost done, except, of course, we haven’t bought anything for each other yet.😛

Well, you know, I’m at that age where I have everything I need and there’s very little out there that I WANT. Neh. I’ll pass. So I’m difficult to buy for I guess. I did point out a few small items to hubby while we were at FYE and he shook his head as if to say; “Really? That’s IT? Geez.”

What can I say? I love Groot!

Came home and I begrudgingly brought down all of the Christmas decorations. I put up the manger scene, yes, Buddha, the Fairies, Hera, and more are still coming to witness the birth of Jesus Christ. At least in my house anyway. Baby Jesus is even in a wreath of Rowan over which lays a nice layer of ivy (from the plant I can’t take off the mantle or it will die, it loves that spot. Damn plant is older than I am!) and he’s adorned with prayer beads. Don’t like it? Don’t come to my house.




While I was doing that I heard futzing outside. I went to look and hubby had found a truly ‘vintage’ set of Christmas lights. I mean, I haven’t seen these in decades! He put them up around the front of the house. These are not cute little LED lights they’re the old big bulbs. Several of which were burnt out! We decorated our little tree.








When it was done I couldn’t stop thinking about those ‘vintage’ burnt out bulbs and then I thought; “Bennys!” So I ran out to Benny’s knowing its the only old-fashioned store in the area and nearly jumped for joy when they had the old lights. I bought 3 packs and we used all of them.


Not the world’s best decorating job…you should see some of my neighbors they really went all out!

But, I figure, everyone knows I’m The Witch so they don’t expect us to do it anyway. LOL It was very nice of hubby to think to do that and now I have another little bit of my parents joining us for Christmas.

Looks like I’m on my way to finding the Christmas Spirit once again. I’ll get there. Eventually. One step at a time. That’s all you or I can do most days and, in the end, that’s fine.

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