In Small(er) Doses-Strange Days Indeed

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Today was one of those days that made me wish I’d never discovered the Internet. I wished I lived on Ares’ island far far far away from anything like electricity let alone a computer. Ahhh….the Simple Life. Some of those folks may actually have it right.

Let’s start with a chuckle:
Someone has been searching the beejeezus out of Ares lately. They’ve hit this blog wanting to know:

‘is lisa beth darling Ares god of war’s grand-daughter’
I’m OLD but I’m not that freakin’ old and the answer is; no, I’m not his granddaughter….technically…and for all intents and purposes…I’m his daughter, astrologically speaking, of course. As far as the zodiac is concerned I am literally the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. Lucky freakin’ me! LOL

‘does lisa beth darling know ares god of war’.
To that I can only say; Yes, intimately.

‘how long did ares god of war live on his island’
200 years, dip shit, read one of my books. Of course he ‘owned’ the island much longer than that.😛

There’s your chuckle, let’s get to the serious shit now.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I KNEW I shouldn’t click on any of those links. I KNEW it and I did it anyway. Thankfully there were far fewer people insisting this was some type of government hoax than in years past so I guess that’s good. What kills me, what absolutely sends me over the edge about these nut jobs is that they’re the same people who will insist the government can’t get anything right. BUT the government is perfectly capable of pulling off a “hoax” surrounding a mass shooting at an elementary school all in a covert effort to take away your fake penis…oh sorry, gun, that’s guns. My mistake. BUT the government, according to these freaks, wasn’t smart enough to clue in the FBI and that’s why the FBIs statistics are off for that year.

Yeah. Right.

Sorry Crazy People, you can’t have it both ways. Yet, no matter how many times I post the links that prove just why the FBI didn’t include Sandy Hook on ONE page of its report that year…nobody believes me. I guess that’s because the information doesn’t come from FOX “news” or InfoWars. Instead, they will go on to call me out on the registration and emissions stickers on the cars in the parking lot; why are they OUTDATED then?

Ahhhh, because the State of Connecticut TOOK AWAY those freakin’ stickers two years before Sandy Hook happened and most of us lazy rich white bastards just didn’t rush right out there to scrape them off our cars.

Then it’s: WELL! Why did they TEAR DOWN THE SCHOOL?

Again, we’re rich white bastards and we thought it wouldn’t be a fantastic idea to send our elementary aged children back to a place that had traumatized them so much. We didn’t think it was a good idea to make the staff return to the site of the blood bath either. Sorry.


Wasn’t my idea but I can certainly understand how the parents of VICTIMS honestly, truly, found the site of it OFFENSIVE. Can you?

Well, Why weren’t HAZMAT teams called into the school?

For what? To clean something that was destined for demolition? Yeah, we’re rich not stupid. Jerk wad. Maybe you would clean something before you demolished it but we’re a tad smarter than that. We don’t stay rich by spending money unnecessarily.

Well THEN, why didn’t any of the parents SUE?

They DID! Or well, you know, they tried (are trying) to sue; Nancy Lanza’s estate, the town of Netown AND the Great State of Connecticut.

WELL THEN why aren’t there any PICTURES of the CRIME SCENE?

Because we have taste and morals and concern for the dead. We didn’t think it was a bonzer idea to have pictures of DEAD CHILDREN floating around on the Internet where your retarded ass could drool over them making some asinine meme out of them. Sorry to ruin your fun on that one. Yeah, no, not really.

WELL THEN…why are some of the parents LAUGHING?

Because everyone deals with grief in different ways and for some of us the laughter hides the tears and the utter anguish we feel.

All of this is information these retards (yeah, that’s not PC too bad they ARE retarded) could easily find if they wanted to. If they wanted to know the TRUTH, which, of course is much harder to face than the lies they keep perpetuating. A government “hoax” is easier to swallow than the reality of DEAD CHILDREN.

No, dumbass supreme, Sandy Hook wasn’t “staged” by the government that “can’t get anything right” to “take away your guns”. The fact remains that over 20 people, most of them CHILDREN, lost their lives that day. Live with it or keep your retarded head buried in the sand. I don’t care which you do I just wish you’d shut your ignorant mouths over it. Face it, the more you talk, the dumber you look. Maybe you’d like to think about that one for a while. Well, ya know, I assume your capable of thinking. Then again I also assume you’re capable of counting to twenty without taking off your shoes. That could be a mistake on my part.

Next subject:


“Star Wars” is NOT racist. Dumb fucks. Yes, Darth Vader was clad all in black (most of us have been conditioned to relate the color to ‘evil’, as a witch I don’t care for that either but it is what it is). Yes, Darth Vader was VOICED by a black man….in post production after Lucas realized the Scot he’d hired to be in the suit had a wimpy voice that just didn’t do his villain justice. James Earl Jones over-dubbed every single line in all 3 movies. You just don’t notice its dubbed because you can never see Vader’s lips moving. Yes, it’s true, when Darth Vader finally removed his helmet he was….WHITE! OH MY GOD! I remember watching “Return of the Jedi” and being disappointed that I wasn’t seeing James Earl Jones. When I voiced that opinion to the person I went to see the movie with they turned to me and said; “How do you think a black guy would have produced two white offspring?” That shut me up. Hopefully it does the same for you. If it doesn’t then I put forth to you that you have absolutely positively no clue what racism truly is. Count yourself lucky as you count the awards you ‘won’ but never earned.

Freakin’ Millennials. I love my kids but I don’t think there has ever been a dumber generation.



Some jerkwad–oh sorry, its name is Eujin Jaela Kim, (I would say ‘her name is’ but since I’m not sure its sentient enough to qualify as ‘human’…..) a fairly newly appointed principal of NYC public elementary school, has decided to nix pretty much everything in their elementary school including the Pledge of Allegiance. Why? Well, some people aren’t CITIZENS. Listen up, dip stick, if they’re getting an education on my dime and can’t be bothered to pledge allegiance to the flag, they should return to their country of origin. It’s the simple. Some argue about the phrase “Under God”, personally I just didn’t say those two words as I stood there with my hand over my heart. Then again, I understood they were added well AFTER the Pledge was written and only to appease certain groups. I also understood the word “God” is generic so it can be ANY God or Goddess of your personal choosing. Now if we could just get those ‘professional educators’ to put as much effort in to TEACHING as they do with being PC we might accomplish something. The up and coming generations in this country might not be so utterly stupid they actually NEED a college education to compete with high school graduates of 30+ years ago. We are graduating self-entitled morons who don’t know Up from Down and it seems no one cares. Honestly, if I was a young parent today, I’d home school. I used to laugh at those folks and think they were crazy but I don’t anymore. Now, I think they’re far smarter than I could have ever foreseen. I guess it’s ok that Johnny Can’t Read so long as Johnny feels good about himself. Self-esteem is EARNED, just like respect. You feel good about yourself, not because you’re wandering around on Planet Earth, but because YOU DID SOMETHING TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT.


Some moronic mother threw a hissy fit because her daughter’s ‘professional’ yearbook picture was nixed by the school.

She liked to claim it’s because her daughter is standing against a back drop of the American Flag.

Yeah. No. Dumbass.


First and foremost, this picture makes her look as though she is STANDING on the American flag and if you think that’s ok you must also believe that burning it is just fine and dandy. Second, the chick is posing is a very haughty manner AND in ripped jeans. Honestly, I find the picture “offensive” on every level imaginable. Next time, honey, get your sweet daughter an appointment with the school photographer for the yearbook. Quit being an idiot who likes to cry about how put upon they are.

And John Lennon thought war was the biggest problem facing the human race. Sorry, John, you were wrong. We have met the enemy and he is us but in a more self-entitled manner. I long for the days when war was our biggest problem, things were so much easier then.

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