This Global Warming Thing & If I Should Die Before I Wake

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I’m going to pose this question to you the same way I did to the people on my “personal” Facebook page; Could you kindly confirm for me that I live in New England? Cuz, ya know, ALL of my doors and windows are OPEN right now. It is December 15, 2015. By all rights, I shouldn’t even consider opening a window this time of year in this area. So, I’m starting to think there really could be something to this “global warming”/”climate change” thing. (Mostly I’m thinking it’s the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant…. sue me….😛 )

My dog’s got that Millstone glow?

Gods I love him.

YES! If you don’t remember the “Hi-Pro” dog food commercial The Big Guy just referenced….please go away. I’m tired of saying it; you are too young to be here.

37 years ago I was hip deep in snow. No lie. School was closed FOR A WEEK! Let me tell you, that was THE BEST WEEK EVER! Nothing will ever top it. It won’t. Some people who happen to be a few years older than me cry about The Blizzard of ’78, but I’m here to tell you it was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

Only thing that comes close to it is Blizzard of ’93 and that’s because my KIDS had the same TOTALLY AWESOME time I did in 78! I have pictures of Miss Nicole and Miss Rebecca out there in the snow posed against snowbanks that taller than both of them. Miss Nicole was 8 at that time and Miss Rebecca was 3. They both had a ball rolling around in the snow and slipping on ice that was 2 inches thick. School? I don’t think so. Work? Yeah, no. What can I say? I’m a New Englander, I love the snow.

It is being denied to me this year. There is something very sinister about my being able to open my doors and windows today. I should be under a blanket, conserving oil, and shivering. Here I am in a cotton blouse wanting to take off my shoes to let some body heat escape.


So much for a “White Christmas” in my neck of the woods. I’ll probably be able to get an early start on tilling the garden come December 25th!

So…my sincerest sympathies to…


Us humans really f’d up. I’m so sorry.

Next up….

I sent out about 250 letters at work today! Holy shit! No lie, between the Nasty Letters I get to send out every month and the plethora of new/other letters that had to go out today, there were at least 250 of the. So many that I had to put them in a box just to carry them outside to the mailbox!

So….if any of you out there should read tomorrow or Thursday about some woman who was gunned down in a Union Hall in CT…it was me. It was the mailman. He went ‘postal’. I don’t really blame him. But you should inform the “authorities” of this and the idea they might like to look at said PostMan as a “person of interest”. LOL

Of course, you could also tell the “authorities” to look at Gunnin4U who posts on Yahoo. (Well, that’s the name they used TODAY anyway, we all know how easy it is to get a billion Yahoo! accounts). I told him he was a pussy. I did. He didn’t take kindly to that. Told me he’d “find me and rape me” and then I’d “know what a real man was”. When I told him he couldn’t get his dick up and welcomed his challenge to beat him to death with the butt of his own gun…well, that’s when he really got mad.


Pussies with guns.

Your fault!

Ahhhhh… wish, my darling, you wish.

It’s true. I do. Then there’d be someone to blame.

If you should read about some writer/union secretary who was murdered in New London, CT. Know it was me and that I went out with a smile. My place in the after life is assured. I have no fear of death or dying. That’s why I repeatedly refrain from exercising my Second Amendment Right.

Truly it is.

I don’t want you to be the “active shooter” on the news

Me either. Though if it were to happen you can believe without hesitation that I was 100% justified in my actions no “innocent” people were harmed.

So, should I die before I wake I will happily accept my fate.

If you’re curious about the circumstances, check The PostMan first and the dickless wonder known (today) as Gunnin4U. Also check each for weeping wounds. I mean, you know, I’ve always said the most important weapon, the most powerful weapon, in any war is a sharp mind and nerves colder than ice.

And THIS is WHY I love you.

So…you know….there’s no way in hell I didn’t go down without a massive fight….gun or not. I learned a long time ago how to disarm someone but, looking at me, 99% of people wouldn’t believe that. This is my greatest advantage in any fight. They always underestimate me. Poor fools.


For them. YEAH for me.

What a shame. It’s nearly enough to make me laugh as I hoarsely curse…

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