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Admittedly, mine my differ from yours. Ok?

I’m stuck in a ShowHole! UGH! This SUCKS! I hate Winter Break!!! Whoever came up with this should be whipped like butter!! This is just a nasty thing to do to a person. No Sam. No Dean. No Cass. No Arrow. No Bones. No Ichabod. No Gibbs. No Pride. No Bruce Wayne. WTF??????? The worst part is, except for some totally awesome NetFlix Only stand-up comedy we’ve recently discovered, I think I’m already picked NetFlix clean. Sigh. If you have any recommendations I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave them in the comments section.

So after dinner last night, which was very yummy by the way, I could tell hubby really wanted to play his game. This is our nightly routine. He comes home. We sit, we talk, we have a snack, I finish making dinner (or we go out to eat), then he plays his game while I watch TV in the bedroom. Problem is…I don’t have anything to watch and I can’t stream video while he plays StarWars Battlefront or it slows him down and gets him killed and that doesn’t make him happy. LOL

I was sitting there scanning our vast movie collection for something to take upstairs and watch when I realized it’s Christmastime and I was in the mood for a Christmas movie. Trouble was, I couldn’t find my favorite Christmas Movie although the others in the series were plainly visible. I turned to him and said: “Have you seen ‘Die Hard’? I want to watch a Christmas movie.”

You should have seen the look on his face! It was utterly priceless!

“What?” Said I. “It’s a Christmas movie. It’s either that or ‘Love Actually’.”

He practically fell to his knees as he scrambled over to the movies helping me look for “Die Hard”. LOL. “Die Hard with a Vengeance”, “A Good Day to Die Hard” and “Live Free or Die Hard” were right there! He looked and looked while I scanned and scanned to no avail. I figured Miss Rebecca must have it (she did). I sighed heartily.

“Well, you could watch “Storm of the Century”. He said to me.

Nah, that’s my go-to Blizzard movie. Every time we get a big snow storm, I get in my PJs, cuddle up under a blanket, and toss in “Storm of the Century”. I confess, I adore ‘Linoge’. I do. He’s one of the Best Bad Guys EVER.

Disappointed, I headed upstairs with “Dream Catcher” in my hands. Well, hey, at least it has a lot of snow. And just a Tip from Aunty Moon; if you ever ever ever see wild animals that would otherwise eat each other walking in the same direction…follow them! Don’t ask why. Don’t ask what. Just drop everything and follow them. I swear you won’t be sorry.πŸ˜›

Again, I confess, this is not my favorite Stephen King movie although I did love the book. But since I’ve seen every Marvel movie a bazillion times I figured; what the hell?

Overnight Miss Rebecca left a message on my FB she was laughing her ass off at my inability to find “Die Hard” and said she had it.

Now I have it!


Guess what I’m watching tonight instead of ‘Oliver’, ‘Sam’, ‘Dean’, and ‘Cass’.πŸ˜‰

Ho Ho Ho Now I Have a Machine Gun

After “Dream Catcher” we surfed around begging the TV Gods for something to watch and for some inexplicable reason stopped on “Elf”. What a f’d up movie. Maybe one day I’ll catch the last 5 minutes and find out how it ends but it was as dumb as I feared it would be all these years and I really don’t like Will Ferrell except in

Oh well, it was slightly better than “Badder Santa”….I guess…maybe….maybe not. You decide.

Today I went into work and there was a big Christmas bag sitting on my desk. I looked around. I looked around some more. I went to the bag and there was my name on the tag…and nothing else. Inside was a lovely cranberry scented tri-wick candle and


Well, someone knows I love coffee and they know what size cup I need! LOL

I looked around some more and I waited for my boss to come in when he did I asked: “Did you leave this for me?”

“No,” he said, “you have to wait until next week before I give you my Christmas present.”

“I locked the door before I left.”

He thought about it and then said just before he left someone came in and said they needed to leave something from The Big Boss for me. They have a key to my office. So this must be it.

Awwwww! How sweet!

“But,” said my boss, “I do have this for you. It’s from the Council.”



Yep, I’m a Union Gal. So, ya know, the might help explain some things for you nice folks out there who are generally confused about me.

The day went on, Millstone kicked off, OY! This will be so much fun for the next 4 or 5 months. I love putting people to work but Millstone is a royal PITA. A member came in with a Christmas bag and handed it to me. I said, “Oh, is this for Chris?”

He said: “No, it’s for you. Merry Christmas!”


I am loved.

Yippie-kay-ayy motherfuckerπŸ™‚

Did I just offend you?


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  1. Of course you are loved! πŸ’œ Glad to hear that someone brightened up your day girlfriend. It’s such a good feeling to feel appreciated!!!

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