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I watched a movie yesterday…well, I watched two movies yesterday but we don’t have to discuss “Die Hard”…do we? Nah.

As I was making dinner, hubby looked through NetFlix and when dinner was ready I sat down with him, looked at the screen and instantly knew the movie. Not because I was highly anticipating seeing it or even anticipating seeing it all but because the Internet informed me several times about it. I went; “Oh crap. They say this is racist, you know?”

He looked at me and went: “What? They do?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen memes and articles about this one so, I dunno.”

We decided to give it a shot anyway. I’m glad I did. I’m glad that while I’m still a denizen of the Internet I actually listen to it less and less as it all becomes nothing more than a bunch of inane babble.

(What’s the movie?)

Oh, sorry.


If you don’t 1-know who Mel Brooks is and 2-laugh your ass off at something like “Blazing Saddles” then, yes, sadly for you, this may be misconstrued as a “racist” flick. I pity you. Truly, I do and this one’s just for you…


Sadly, in 2015 I can see why people are upset about this flick and because of their over-sensitivity I can also understand how it went straight to NetFlix where I really hope its finds its audience in old farts like me. Because there is NOTHING WRONG with this movie if you have a sense of humor and you can take a joke even when you’re the butt of said comedy. Hey, nobody loves a good Irish joke more than I do…nobody. This is screwball comedy at its finest. I couldn’t believe some of the things they said, did, and got away with in this flick, not here in the New Dark Ages, anyway. No, we are not more enlightened today, if anything we have regressed beyond belief. A large segment of the population has simply had its head buried so deep in the sand for so long they think those little cracks of light they sometimes see are actually rays of enlightenment. But, since they are blind, they come up with things like this to combat the perceived ‘racism’ in the movie


Yeah, no, that’s not ‘racist’ at all….right? I mean just because Adam Sandler is Jewish doesn’t mean Hitler returning to slay his ancestors is racist, right? Hypocrites. These overly sensitive plebs can dish it out but they can’t take it. Luckily there are still enough of us hanging around who can do both with a smile.

One of the things that was decried was how often Native American women are raped by “white men”. Gimmie a break. I don’t say it doesn’t happen I do say this is an ADAM SANDLER MOVIE and, duh, nobody gets raped. Not even close. Nowhere near it. So again, some folks might like to try a Vocabulary Refresher Course at their local Adult Ed–and discover the meaning of the word ‘pleb’. Others decried the fact that the female lead’s name is ‘Smokin’ Fox’.

That’s RACIST!

Awww…honey, you poor sensitive fool, don’t you know I grew up with ‘Pussy Galore’? Tell me, of those two, which one do you honestly find more ‘offensive’. BTW, ‘Pussy Galore’ (James Bond film, in case you’re really that ignorant) is the fictional female name by which I judge ALL other fictional female names. Yes, oh yes, it is. Let’s not forget ‘Honey Ryder’ and ‘Holly Goodhead’. So ya know…grow up, it’s good for you. Unless, of course, those names don’t bother you because they’re white women. Hummmmmm?

In the end, if you happen to be over 40, there is nothing wrong with this movie. I laughed so hard at some spots I thought I’d wet myself. It was refreshing to see something that isn’t politically correct and doesn’t give a damn about being politically correct. It’s just funny. If you can take a joke, that is. As I’ve said before; if you can’t laugh at yourself you have no right laughing at anyone or anything else. Go back to the beach, stick your head in the sand, and continue with your bland life.

Then the only thing the rest of us will see of you is exactly what you’re already showing the world.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this movie, but after reading your blog post, I want to see it. Blazing Saddles is one of my all-time favorite movies. I laugh every time I see it! Of course, I’m a tad bit over forty.

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