Star Wars-The Force Awakens–NO Spoilers!

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Nope, I’m not going to give you any spoilers. Not a single one. Not this time. I did my damnedest not to watch a single trailer or read a single article on this movie…that was no easy feat! If you’re going I hope you’ve done the same.

First off, I was getting near Total Wipe Out on Thursday with all the Christmas stuff. We saw an ad for something tied with “Star Wars” and hubby said: “Do you want to go?”

I thought it would be a nice little treat for us…for me…after all of this running and wrapping and spending and cookie making. And, well, I’d made it a point to watch “Big Bang Theory” this Monday (no more “Gotham” so I could watch BBT) and….well the whole Shamy thing was sooooo worth it! That was great! Other than that it really made me want to see “The Force Awakens”. So I picked up my phone and looked for tickets.

We couldn’t go Opening Night…duh. So I looked around for a matinée and most I found were already sold out. Then I hit upon one that still had really good seats. I mean like THE BEST seats in the house. I was so excited. So I bought them. I got my tickets online only to discover they were for NEXT Sunday. Damn! I spent the better part of an hour straightening that out as Fandango’s main page was absolutely horrible.

Yes, after spending all of that time I did find how to do in, like ya know, five seconds directly from the confirmation email I received. Lesson learned. LOL

What can I say? I’d never had to return something I bought online. That’s mostly because I don’t buy stuff online except movie tickets.

Anyway, I finally managed to find a matinée for today and it didn’t have the best seats (turned out that wasn’t true) but they did have seats together that were not in the front row. I made the exchange and waited. We slowly watched the first 3 movies (that’s the original first 3 movies) to get back in the swing.

I shopped some more. I made a massive amount of cookies yesterday….5 solid hours standing in the kitchen making cookies! OY! My back hurts! But by the time we went to bed we were all caught up on “Star Wars”. I did a lot of work on my ebooks today changing the darn links from to and almost got every single one of them on Smashwords and Kindle. I’ll do Nook later, they take forever their server is so slow.

We got in the car. We headed to the theater. We got there. The damn kiosk thing wouldn’t take my credit card! Grrrrrr. I don’t know why it isn’t asking for e-ticket, I have the damn thing on my phone ready to be scanned. I started to panic and curse this buying online thing. I opened my email on my phone and punched in the confirmation number.


Ok. Fine. Got tickets. Take them to the nice lady….who’s holding a phone in her hand with the scanner opened. Damn! Another lesson learned. She could have scanned my e-ticket. THEN, she reaches down into a bin and I thought she was going to give us some “Star Wars” trinket but, no, she gave us 3D glasses.



We tend to avoid 3D like it’s the Black Death or something. Hubby thinks it will make him queasy and I think it tends to detract from being able to suspend disbelief. I looked at my glasses, frowned, hubby did the same, we grumbled, we thanked the nice lady. We got our popcorn wondering to each other if this was going to be really really bad. But we were stuck with them and 3D if we wanted to see the movie. We ambled into the cinema and found our seats. We tried to watch the 3D previews without the glasses. Yeah. No. Don’t do that. Not a good thing at all.🙂

Unable to take the fuzziness any longer, I put my 3D glasses on and….WOW! Holy Smokes!

We may be going to see more movies of this type in 3D. It was freakin’ awesome. Seriously, it was. For a screw-up it turned out to be a damn fine thing! I was so awestruck that I didn’t even recline my luxury seat until halfway through the movie. I forgot all about it.

If you love “Star Wars”…go! If you love the original movies and detested the latest 3….run to the movie! It will restore your faith. If you’ve never seen “Star Wars” before and you got nothing to do after the 1st of the year….go. Yes, it really helps to know the backstory but you’ve probably heard so much about it over the years you can fill in the pieces on your own. In short, don’t wait for “The Force Awakens” to come to blu-ray…definitely buy it when it does…but don’t wait to see it until then.

This is a must-see on the Big Screen.

Preferably in 3D.

Aunty Moon gives it an A+.

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