2016 New Year’s Resolution

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I’m sure you’ve got one or two. I’m equally certain mine is different.

The New Year’s Resolution I’m making is to QUIT.

That’s right. I’m done.

I’m giving myself permission to say “Enough is Enough” and bow out of this Fool’s Game.


That’s permanent and not a sale. And…shameless plug! Don’t forget the big $50.00 PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway is going on through January 4, 2016. Hop on over to one of these posts to enter. Hop on over to all of them for a few fun and interesting reads.

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If you only read one of them make it the last one I think it came out extra sweet.🙂

Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway on My Site where you could WIN a full e-book library of my books or $10.00. That contest ends January 8, 2016.

So, yep, I went to Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords yesterday and replaced most files with the updated ones and as I did that I REDUCED the price for every single-story ebook to the dreaded $0.99. Among other things, I’m sick of dealing with Smashwords and all the hoops they want me to jump through in order to gain access to the their “Premium Catalog”. Screw that. Honestly just…fuck that. I’m done. Each and every one of those files displays beautifully through my Nook App so I’m not giving Mark Coker another thought. Most of my books are in their “Premium Catalog” but some are not and I no longer care.

In the end, I have to face the fact that the only reason I used Smashwords was to keep ‘street cred’ and to allow my books into iBooks. Unfortunately, Apple was never able to deliver on its promise to Do For Books what it Did For Music AND, today, I discovered that for some strange unexplained reason, I am no longer available on iBooks! WTF?

Eh…who cares? Sales on those two sites have amounted to bub-kiss over 2015. Nothing worth jumping through hoops for to say the least.

I’ve been doing this since 2008 and people have only gotten stingier. They have. They now expect to get FREE ebooks and no longer understand that, despite the medium it happens to be in, my time, my effort and damnit my stories are worth more than that. Thank you Jeff Bezos for allowing cheapskates to remain cheapskates forever, yes Baldie, it is your fault the current market won’t bear as much as a paltry $1.00 per ebook download.

I really should just volunteer to put my books on pirate sites since The Fat Cats are already shoving it up my ass as hard as their limp dicks can manage. What’s the difference between $0.99 and zero? Not a hell of a lot. Certainly not enough to put a single dinner on the table let alone shoes on the feet of one’s child. But I guess that’s just par for the course considering this lovely little item


Yep, that little number is currently available at your local Old Navy. While some people are upset about it (I would be if…well…just if…I guess) but I think it’s a very apt Sign of the Times.

History will record that in the early 21st century Art lost all meaning as Humanity gave itself over to the Digital Age with glee. I guess that’s ok since spelling along with reading-for-comprehension lost all meaning somewhere in the late 20th century. Tit for tat on that one. No sense in being a ‘writer’ when people really can’t read anymore.

Yeah, I’m thinking that the future doesn’t deserve Great Art. In the Grand Scheme, all of it would be lost on those that are ‘new’ and those who are ‘yet to be’. What’s something like the Statute of David compared to texting? Psssh. Nothing. Not in this Brave New World. What could the Mona Lisa possibly mean to a world absorbed with memes? Not much. The Great Pyramids of Giza? Who cares? Don’t you know Kim Kardashian has posted something on InstaGram?

Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Vonnegut, even my beloved Master King (who has a Twitter and Facebook account that makes me nearly cry every time he posts about something about his dog!) who are these people compared to the Dugars? Obviously….no one at all.

Don’t even get me started on what passed for ‘literature’ today….please, for the love of all the Gods, don’t even ask me what’s constitutes something as simple as a Good Story. No, please don’t. Unless you’re over 40. Then we all can talk all day long.

I don’t compare myself to the above Greats. Not at all. But I’m old enough to understand that not all dreams come true. I’ve been around the block long enough to recognize the downfall of the mere Appreciation of Art. I once thought that this self-publishing thing was good. Now I understand that the only thing it has accomplished (thanks in large part to Jeff Bezos) is to bring down the value of Art and the ability to appreciate it.

In a world where everyone is “offended” by anything that anyone says that is not directly in line with the first person’s unrealistic belief…what else can one expect? If you’re too afraid to be “offended” you should probably stick to xBox. Don’t bother with a headset. Some of the thing those people say are truly offensive. I guess it’s better to just pretend to be the hero in a virtual world you’re largely in control of since being in the Real World is so darn scary.

That’s the end of my little rant on the Downfall of Civilization in the 21st Century.

After the 1st of the year, I’ll make up new no-box-sets and put them up, I have several in mind. No worries they’ll be real cheap I plan on keeping a ratio of 2-for-1 everyone loves a BOGO, right? I’m also considering running a buy-one-get-one through my site for my old fanfiction–people are still looking for that! Why not? It was FREE! So, I figure, I’ll introduce a special; Buy 1 Original Novel Get 1 Fanfiction Of Your Choice FREE. If anyone goes for that then at least I get to keep about $0.95 of each sale rather than splitting the crappy $0.99 with Bezos and the rest.

As for future books, if there are any, well…I dunno. They could be free on my site or they could be a crappy $0.99. At this point I don’t really care. I’m just interested in taking the pressure off myself in the hopes that writing will, one day, become fun again. After the few tours already set and paid for in early 2016 I have no plans to do any promo. I’m just burnt out on the whole thing.

In other New Year’s News…hubby got a new job! Woot! He starts January 11th. I’m very happy for him. I know he’s anxious about the whole thing and he’s sad to be forced into leaving the United States Coast Guard Academy after 10 years of very loyal and stellar service but I think this will be a really good move for him and for us. He’s worked at the United States Coast Guard Academy so long that he’s forgotten what it is to be a GUY. Drives me crazy. If I wanted someone with ‘corporate potential’ I would have married someone else. I just want my Alpha Male back and there’s no such thing as a guy with a ballsack at the USCGA. None. Not one. From the Admiral on down to the janitor no one has a spine. Kinda pathetic.

It will be nice for him to work in an environment with real people who aren’t constantly pushed into pretending to be someone they’re not. Never mind working in a place that just adores pretending to be something it will never be; a Fortune 500 Company. LOL! Yeah, honey, the USCGA will never ever under any circumstances be anything like that so stop trying to be something you’re not and just be what you are. Face it, if people wanted to work for an actual Fortune 500 Company they would apply there and not at some pseudo-military academy. Sorry folks, the bastard child of the US Military will never be anything but a whining crying redheaded freckle faced step-child the real military tolerates to its face and laughs at behind its back. Go rescue some 1%er yacht-boy too stupid to read his GPS, leave the heavy lifting to people who can do just that.

Not to mention he won’t have the pressure and worries every 4-5 years when the contract changes hands. He won’t have to sweat if he’s going to get picked up by the new company and he won’t have to start at 0 again. Here’s a tip from Aunty Moon: Do NOT ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, take a job with Knight Point and/or Blue Water. They don’t give a shit about you and they never will. The only thing they care about is furthering themselves. That’s not a horrible thing in and of itself until they start cutting employee throats along with employee pay. Knight Point didn’t even give him the pay he was making before the contract changed hands! Cheap fucking retarded bastards. On top of that little pearl, they want him to take some ITIL v.3 course/test that has NOTHING to do with his job. It doesn’t further him. It doesn’t help his career. It’s just some fancy Bullshit that furthers the company…maybe…but not to anyone with a lick of intelligence. It’s just to, ya know, further this minuscule pissant bit of Redneck ‘Corporate’ America in its misguided zeal to gobble up Military contracts. Oh, and of course, being the backassward company they are they don’t want to offer any formal training in ITIL v3 or even pay for their employees to take the test.

Cute, huh?


Yeah, I know, I’ve worked for the Union too long to put up with such bullshit. Did you know you my hubby can’t even say ‘bullshit’ in one of their meetings without risking offending their delicate ears? FUCK THAT. He got written up for saying and I quote “This is bullshit” when it came to to the ITIL training extremely fine print in his new contract. No one in his department and other departments now effected by the retarded jerks at Knight Point and Blue Water were even consciously made aware of. Let alone the fact that he signed the new contract under heavy meds less than 4 weeks after his shoulder surgery. No one effected by this happy and no one effected by this even understands why they have to do it when it 1-doesn’t further their resumes and 2-isn’t PAID FOR by Knight Point. It’s just crap. Plain old crap shat out by droolers who delusional enough to honestly believe that they are more important than they will ever be. 5 years from now Knight Point and Blue Water will be nothing but an ugly memory in the collective mind of the USCGA and us. With any luck at all they won’t even be in business anywhere but below the Mason/Dixon line where they belong. Where people don’t care if they get ripped off and they certainly can’t stand up for themselves with any meaning.

But the bottom line is….I’m not going to spend the last 20 years of our employed lives together putting up with no-brained pussies whose wives hold their balls in a steel safe and won’t give them back. People who spend the majority of their time drooling on windows and licking them when they’re not banging their safety-helmeted heads against them.

I don’t know what the vetting process looks like at the USCGA when it comes to hiring new contractors but it needs a lot of work. I mean a shit-ton of work. Hey, if your ‘company’ is located in New England you might want to hire-on a company that shares New England values and not one that is completely unaware the Civil War ended and they lost. But, that’s just me…a lowly tax payer. Whoever even heard of a company that MAKES YOU use your Personal Time? That’s supposed to be your discretion and not forcibly used just because the numb-nuts in accounting can’t figure out anything other than 80 hours a week to compile your paycheck. But, that’s life below the Mason/Dixon line.

We live far above that. Way far above that and plan on continuing to do so until we either die or Trump becomes President, at which point I plan on becoming an expat…like within a week. I love my country but if you want to know what a Dictator really looks like, what it’s truly like to live under tyrannical rule…by all means elect the Dump. Have fun with that. Maybe I’ll come back when some intelligent person mows him down provided he chooses a decent VP. If not, then maybe I’ll return when his 4 years are up. Then again…maybe I’ll adore Canada or New Zealand (my first choice) or Australia or Scotland or Greece (some place I really want to see before I die!) I want to eat, drink, and dance until I’m utterly exhausted on a Grecian beach until way after sunrise and maybe possibly even sneak up to the Areopagus to conduct a special ritual😉

If we’re not forced to use PTO (personal time off) whenever some jerkwad company incapable of doing basic math wants us too…we might just get there before we’re too old to enjoy it.

So, do me a favor and wish my hubby much luck in his NEW JOB!

I hope 2016 brings you many changes for the better just as it has already brought to us.

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  1. happy new year and good luck for the hubby on the new job!! (hide the cuffs for when his alpha streak comes back full force😉 )

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