Technological Trump Card

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Have you heard about this? Chrome is giving you a way to BLOCK Trump from your feed/searches.

Personally, I think that’s totally awesome. Understandably, others are upset. But I look at this way: It’s the first step toward creating the Internet that YOU want. Gods know the friggin’ cable companies won’t give us the TV we want….there’s all this extra shit no one cares about but you have to pay for it anyway. I have 4 sports networks, 5 shopping networks, over 40 ‘music’ channels, and let’s not forget all of the Public Access channels. I don’t want any of them. I don’t want Lifetime or Lifetime Movies or TLC (where no one learns anything of value) the Cartoon Network (it sucks!) or TVLand. Yet I’m stuck with them and more.

If Chrome would like to start something akin to The Internet YOUR Way, I’m all for it. I think it should be expanded to every browser and with full customization. After all it’s YOUR computer. It’s YOUR time. It’s YOUR money. Why should you or me and anyone else be bothered by crap we don’t want to see?

Yes, I know it’s “news”. Yes, I know the world is an uncomfortable place that we all have to live in. Still, I’m sick of hearing anything from Trump but I’m also tired of all the craptastic ‘journalism’ that comes through my feeds which are nothing more than bloggers (like myself) spouting off. The only difference between me and then is not an education it’s taste. I would never dream of shoving my blog posts off onto the entire world making myself look some type of ‘expert’ on anything. I’m not. Neither are they. I wouldn’t mind no longer seeing news articles on parents/grandparents who kill their children. That seems to be an epidemic these days, one no one is talking about, but everyone is shoving in my face.

I propose that ALL web browsers follow Chrome’s lead. Give the user an Option to input every single thing they do not want to hear about any longer. Block it all at your discretion. Not only that but when you do block something it should pertain to EVERYTHING you use; Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! (I’d-like-to-be) News (one day). All of it. Poof. Gone. Buh-bye.

Then they should compile everything that everyone’s blocked, lay it all out nice and neat in a spread sheet, and present to someone…anyone…who can do something about it on a more permanent basis. At least put it out there for all to see. Then maybe society will correct itself, yeah, I know, that’s not likely but it could happen.

Some people are against this ‘shaming’ thing but I wouldn’t mind seeing The Stocks brought back. I really wouldn’t. I don’t think there’s enough ‘shame’ in this world any longer, I think “I’m OK, You’re OK” has gone way too far into the This Is Sooooo NOT Ok territory that’s it’s ridiculous. This can be our way of tacitly shaming them without confront them which they can’t handle and will run to any ‘news’ outlet to cry about at the drop of a hat.

This can be the Digital Age’s version of The Stocks and throwing rotten tomatoes at someone no one likes.

Face it, if you do something wrong you should feel bad, you should feel ashamed of yourself and there’s nothing wrong with people letting you know you fucked up. But since some are too sensitive for the truth then with this handy dandy tool we can shut them out of our Internet lives. You know, the digital lives we’re paying for every month.

Who knows? Maybe one day the cable companies will follow suit.

It could happen.

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