Gods, I’m Getting Old

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Let’s start with the serious side of this post and then I’ll move to the less serious stuff. I was informed today that a very good friend of mine from Jr. High and High School suffered a brain aneurysm earlier this week. I’m still in shock a bit here. I’ve lost a lot of friends over the years and more so in recent years as we’re not getting any younger but we’re not that damn old either! Thankfully he’s going to recover but he’s got a long road ahead. If you’re out there and you’re an actual friend of mine and you’re concerned, send me a private message and I’ll let you know who it is. In the meantime, prayers, good wishes, good thoughts, and lit candles for his recovery are appreciated.

On to the less serious stuff.

Miss Nicole is turning…egads! 30 in a few days!!! Geez, I really am old. LOL She told me about a few things she wanted and bit the bullet and went to Amazon (yeah not WalMart! Woot!) to find them for her. I hate giving Bezos any money but I did look on other sites such as overstock.com for the items and, unfortunately, Amazon had the best prices and what seems to be the best quality items. I placed the first order and got free shipping. Yeah! I have no idea how that happened since at that exact moment in time I was not a Prime Member. Nope. Never wanted it. Then hubby showed me something he thought she’d like on Amazon and said he’d like to have one for himself so I went back over and ordered 2 only to find the shipping charge was NUTS. This is a very small item, I have no idea why it costs nearly $7.00 to ship, hell my books don’t cost that in shipping and they’re much heavier. Honestly, the shipping charge on these two items equaled the purchase of another exact item.

I looked and stared and glared at the link telling me I could get free shipping if I just gave Amazon Prime a shot.

Oh bother! You bald headed bastard!

So, yes, once more I bit the bullet and signed up for Prime. I figure once my shipping confirmation comes through I’ll cancel it. Face it, I don’t even own a freakin’ Kindle and I wouldn’t shop at Amazon at all if Miss Nicole didn’t live so far away now. So this isn’t much good to me EXCEPT for Amazon Streaming TV. We already have NetFlix and are still considering dumping our cable company, Atlantic Broadband, even more so now due to a lousy “customer service” experience earlier this week. Why I should spend over an hour on hold is beyond my comprehension. Why they got rid of the local phone number is far beyond it and is really pissing me off. Through 2 different companies that place has had the same number for more than 30 years! I know/knew it by heart. (Yeah, I don’t rely on my smart phone for things like that.) Atlantic Broadband comes in and gets rid of it now I have to dial-up some call bank number. I never did get to speak to a representative all I heard was Muzak I didn’t even get an option for them to call me back without losing my place in line. I got nothing at all, not even a repeat of ‘your call is important to us, please stay on the line’. I got bubkiss. At least MetroCast offered that option and would tell me straight up that there was a blackout somewhere and they were working on it, if the blackout was in my area I knew I didn’t have to stay on hold wasting my time and the time of the representative. I’d just hang up and wait it out.

Since we have this 3 day weekend, we’ll try out the Amazon TV thing and see how it goes. It’s on par with what we pay for NetFlix and seems to have some good shows/movies. If it works out and I can stomach the idea of paying Bezo $99.00/year…maybe….just maybe….we’ll keep it.

Then again….I’m hanging on by my thumbs for the next 12 days salivating with anticipation


So perhaps I’ll be forced into keeping Atlantic Broadband if I can’t find a way to get the damn TV to go the CW website and display it. It’s supposed to do that but….no. We even bought a keyboard to hook up to it and try it that way and still….nada. Grrrrrr.

Well, now I have to over to my Prime account and add things to my Watchlist. Doing some preliminary cruising here and I am unhappy with both interface and selection. Bezos may not be getting my money after all. We’ll see. At least I’ve got 700 movies in my DVD/Bluray (you don’t want to know how many there are if I count in the VHS tapes I have no device for any longer) collection to keep my spirits up. They’re bought and paid for no further expense is required.

If there’s anything on Prime or NetFlix that you like to watch, I’d appreciate it if you’d share that information with me. I’m still stuck in this show-hole for the next 12 days.

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