Sister Christian-Prodigal Son

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I was going to post this to my FB pages but I have no idea who gives a shit anymore or not.

Let’s suffice it to say that I let go this weekend due to a dream I had encouraging me start with Mason, Hannah, Jackson, and Spaulding rather than diving in to the more complicated stuff ahead for Ares, Alena, Raven, Rose and Lenore.

Get your feet wet again before we get anything else dripping

So…’s a bit from the last story in the “Sister Christian” series, the upcoming “Prodigal Son”

I hope you like it.

From the chapter three of the upcoming novel Sister Christian-Prodigal Son
by Lisa Beth Darling
Copyright 2016 with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and presented here solely for your entertainment.

Gently laying the white linen napkin in her lap, Hannah picked up the menu. It took her a few moments to understand it was written in a combination of French and English with the Entrée’s in French while their descriptions were in English. It had been quite a while since she’d read any French, high school at least but after a few moments of study and concentration she picked it up for the most part. “My grandmother cooked this way and we spoke French, well Broken French, in the house while she was alive.”

“Mason is French?” Spaulding asked with mild interest

“Yes and German,” her eyes widened thinking of her other grandmother and the wonderful meals she cooked. “Well, mostly those two but there’s a little smattering of this and that too.” She said with a coy grin as she gazed around at the art on the walls thinking that none of them were nearly as good as the one hanging over their fireplace at home. “He didn’t tell you about the painting, did he? I’m not surprised.”

“That it’s a Renoir and you gave it to him?” Spaulding asked puzzled and the mild interest began to grow as the look on her face said there was more to the story. “Sure he did. Why? Is there more to it than that?”

Maybe there was a reason Rick didn’t want Scott to know about this little sordid detail of the Rice Family History but she always thought it was most intriguing and would tell anyone who would listen. “Pierre Renoir had a torrid affair with our great-grandmother Corinne Chevalier, it was quite the gossip of the town,” Hannah blushed bringing a warm glow to her anxious face. “That’s her in the painting that I gave to Rick.”

Spaulding thought of the exquisitely detailed painting of a young woman lounging on a chaise. Her nude body stretched out for all the Gods to see while she slept peacefully beneath the rain soaked window panes behind her. It was as erotic as it was innocent and Spaulding was struck by the fact that Mason never said a word to him about this as he was by the sparkle in Hannah’s eyes, “Really?”

“Yes, don’t you find that just the slightest bit interesting?”

Leaning over the table as though she were telling him so delectable secret, he muttered, “Yes.”

Hannah’s voice hushed a bit, “Not Rick. He never shows any interest in our family history I think he’d rather not know.”

Spaulding tried to come to the defense of his longtime friend but even to his ears his excuse was weak in the face of Renoir having painted such a wonderful image of a family member. “Mason is, ah, well, in case you haven’t noticed he isn’t exactly your typical Family Man.”

“I guess not.” She said a bit sadly. While it was true that Rick never had any children or a relationship that lasted longer than a sunset unless he paid for it…unless it was his first wife, Beverly. In her aching heart Hannah knew that the bitter truth was, Rick didn’t want to be reminded that his mother was not his mother. Hannah understood his desire but still couldn’t help feeling the crushing blow of the fact that it meant he’d rather not know she was his sister.

Thoughts. Opinions. Feedback. Suggestions. As always all are welcome.

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  1. not sure if i have to say more then one simple, easy to understand word? MORE!!

  2. Cathy d chester

    And the rest is coming when?!?! Nice teaser As always !!

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