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I’m not much of a gambler. If you read here you know that already, I live smack-dab-in-the-middle of two casinos and only go to one of them and then it’s only for Krispy Kreme. Yes, the last time we went some months ago I played slots and won a few dozen donuts and, hey, as I like to say, I didn’t try to put two quarters into the $0.50 machine…that’s mostly because there were no $0.50 machines in our section…yep it was $1.00 or nothing. 😛

My mother loved to buy a few lottery tickets a week, scratch-offs, daily numbers (137 boxed, please), and then Lotto when we got that. She won once or twice. No big deal. She loved to go to the dog track with my dad. They won once or twice but again no big payoffs. I once played the daily numbers that I got from a BIOS Reading Machine (351) and won $50.00. I was 11. My mother was shocked. LOL

Mostly, I just always figured that I need my buck more than the Great State of Connecticut did so I’d keep it for spending on something else like food or formula or diapers or the electric bill, things like that.

Earlier this week I started hearing about the PowerBall Jackpot. That’s nothing new. Whenever it gets to a certain point, I dunno, $400,000,000.00 or so, it’s all over the place and I pay it no mind. In fact, I actually hate standing in line behind someone who’s buying $50.00 worth of lottery tickets, I always think they’re foolhardy, yes even as I step up to the counter and buy another pack of cigarettes. We all have our vices it’s just that mine tend to be cheap and don’t take fifteen minutes to accomplish while the line piles up behind me.

I heard $600,000,000.00 I thought; well, gee, that might be worth a buck. Perhaps I’ll buy a ticket.

Then Wednesday came and I didn’t buy a ticket. No one won. I spent some time trying to find out when the next drawing was going to be as I heard $900,000,000.00 was in the jackpot. Again I thought; well, gee, I should really get a ticket.

Saturday came, I didn’t buy a ticket. In fact I didn’t even remember I should do so until after my bath and I was snug in my bed. I looked at my new notepad telling me I still had time to drag my lazy clean ass out of bed, go up to the corner store, and buy a ticket. Nah, I said to myself, forget it.

I woke up this morning, pulled out my notepad and the ONLY THING my Facebook feed had to say was; NO WINNER

Are you kidding me????

Then it said $1,000,000,000.00 in the jackpot.

Holy Mother of God!

I can’t even imagine what I would do with that kind of money. No, seriously, I can’t. But I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

It’s raining, a lovely day for writing which I intend to do after this entry, I poured a cup of coffee and realized we need cream.


Echoed in my head. I happened to have cash in my pocket, I don’t know about you but I never carry cash so I don’t get much chance to buy any lottery tickets because they don’t take debit cards for them where I live. I went to the store, got the cream, got a gallon of spring water, and I looked for the little form to fill out to buy a PowerBall Ticket but, surprise-surprise, they were all gone. I said to the nice lady who I think is never allowed to go home since she’s always there; “Give me five Powerball Tickets, please.”

She just stared at me as though I were from Mars. Then she said; “All on one?”

I said; “No, five tickets please.” I thought she wanted to know if I was placing a $5.00 bet on one ticket. Yes, I thought they were $1.00 a ticket, turns out they’re $2.00 a ticket.

She said; “Do you want separate tickets or all on one sheet?”

I had no idea you could get them all on one sheet but what was the point in getting 5 individual tickets? “All on one, please. I’m sorry, I never do this.”

Her eyes widened and she smiled, “I know!” She handed over my ticket with five sets of numbers on it.

“But it’s…”

In that moment, together we just raised our eyes and hands to the sky and exclaimed; “A BILLION DOLLARS! OH MY GOD!”

Then we grabbed hands for a second, smiled at each other, wished each other luck and I went on my way home. Not to get preachy here at the end of this post but considering the fact that I’m Pagan and she’s Muslim, I thought that was a very interesting moment in time and was glad to share it with her. Even if I don’t win a single dime that was worth the $10.00 all by itself.

So my ticket is now sitting on my mantle being watched over by the pictures of our relatives it’s nestled nicely between an old photograph of his grandparents with their young children and my grandpa in his christening gown. Hopefully they’ll all smile down on it and bring us a little luck.

If you bought a ticket, I wish you the same!

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