I’m Upset–Very Upset

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It’s true.

I am.

David Bowie died and the ‘haters’ come out of the woodwork. Of course most of them have the IQ of your standard 12 year-old but, in the Digital Age, that doesn’t stop them from spewing ignorant and total bullshit.

I really want to tell you that the ONLY singer/songwriter/artist to depart this world which will effect me more than the passing of David Bowie is when Bruce Springsteen dies. On THAT day…get the fuck out of my way. Seriously. Don’t even talk to me for a week unless it happens to be to say something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry’.

No……David Bowie WAS NOT

Spreading HIV
A heroin addict
A ‘raging’ homosexual
A transgender(ed) (person)

Or anything of the kind.

He was an ARTIST. Yes, of course, we’ve already discussed


Hey! That says it all. You won’t even pay $0.99 for an ebook. I don’t expect you to have any

(Not over 40? I understand that you don’t understand…I pit you and those who come after you.)


As a symptom of the Xbox culture’s inability to understand something as innate to the human condition as ‘Art’. We’ve discussed how much ‘Art’ has been DEVALUED by the likes of Jeff Bezos and his ilk. For myself, I honestly don’t care anymore, but for Society as a Whole…it makes me weep.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t fear for future generations, I think they will get exactly what they deserve where the concept of ‘Art’ is concerned. I also think they won’t even notice. I mean, ya know, they can’t even understand that it’s ARTISTS who bring them their stupid video games…so, what more can possibly be expected of Them?

Don’t know.

Don’t care.

Fuck ’em and the participation awards they rode in on.

This is an entire generation of self-entitled ASSHOLES who can’t see beyond their phone to appreciate something like



It’s all totally lost on them as they wallow in a cesspool of ignorance. They will NEVER have any appreciation for anything that doesn’t include some type of bastardized version of English known as ‘Internet-speak’. They certainly can’t see past their own wittle fweelings and their absolute need to file


To them I say, resoundingly, unequivocally, and with as much meaning as I can possibly muster along the ability to fire a fake penis ie gun as well as as any dipshit with a 3rd grade education:


Honestly, someone really NEEDS to come to your house and ‘kill you in your own kitchen’. (That’s a Steven Segal quote, you retarded bastard who couldn’t grasp it.)

They will do the world a huge favor. No one but your baby-mama or you baby-daddy will ever miss you. The baby, however, will not. In your absence the child might have a shot at a decent life. So again….do the world favor.

So, if at all possible, please, kindly go back to your interactions with retards like yourself. Go back to your G’s (there are NO OG’s who didn’t rat to the feds) with their hos who are

You have NO idea how many times I took Miss Rebecca to task over that song and the way she blasted it!

Trust me, as I told her time and time again, that’s not ‘sexy’ she’s a whore. I don’t expect you to know the difference between a slut and a woman of worth nor do I expect you to know the difference between graffiti and art. I know…you’re not capable of it any more than Miss Rebecca is. In this personal instance it isn’t for a lack of trying on my part. You, however, may have to blame whatever passed for a ‘parent’ in your life. However pathetic that may be.

I know, I know, it’s not your fault that your mama didn’t teach you any better. However, you can still catch her next show on the pole. Maybe you’ll even be able to find out who your next daddy is going to be. Not that he’ll care about you and why would he? You’re as much of an ‘inconvenience’ to society as you are to him. Just excess baggage that should be ejected.

Post haste.

No thought.

No regret.

Then again…what the hell do I know? I’ve always been a huge fan of culling the herd. Morons do nothing to further civilization and allowing them to breed brings down the curve for all of us.

If you simply didn’t like Bowie, I understand, it’s ok.

If, however, you have absolutely no understanding of Bowie…please report to the nearest Slaughter Yard. Don’t delay. Headcheese awaits you, it may be the best use for your head the world could ever come up with.

I know. I know. In the end, the only thing I’m doing here is

“Puttin’ out fire with gasoline”

But somebody’s got to TRY. Might as well be me.

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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