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Ok, so the title of this post is probably an oxymoron but let’s go with it, shall we?

I want to pose a question to you: Do you feel it’s perfectly acceptable to go around leaving nasty comments and childish little memes on the social media pages/feeds of people you don’t know?

I’m not talking about commenting on something you read on The Huffington Post or even the Yahoo! “News” that’s what sites like that are there for. I’m not even talking about someone coming and leaving said types of trash on people’s blog posts. The whole world is free to come in HERE and say whatever they like…HERE. No problem, in fact I think it’s quite reasonable to take a personal blogger (like myself) to task over something that you care deeply about. I would say that one should probably be polite about it and not post as though their shit doesn’t stink but that’s neither here nor there. My point is, if you’re going to shoot your mouth off as though someone should care what you have to say with regard to another’s opinion, you should probably do that ON the article/post. Yes, I realize you have to have a valid account somewhere that you can sign in with in order to complete this minuscule task but if you feel that strongly about something it probably shouldn’t bother you. Following the writer to their social media pages hoping to get some attention is probably not the best way to go especially not when you’re such a coward that you do it from behind your own closed-to-the-public Facebook Page. Yes, if you don’t have the courage of your convictions please just sit down and shut up, there’s no Earthly reason for anyone to take you seriously.

BUT, if you’re going to do it anyway—because you know, you’re just so damn wonderful–you might not want to start your eradicate behavior by cursing in your very first post. That’s an automatic kick to the curb as far as I’m concerned. When the FB page owner politely lets you know that your opinion doesn’t matter to them and refers you to the


giving you instructions to ‘fill it out and submit it to someone who cares’.

You might want to be intelligent enough to get the not-so-subtle hint instead of continuing your lunacy by posting memes on their page. Yes, some of them are very funny, I do enjoy them. However, when they’re used to express an opinion that you yourself just can’t manage on your own so you need someone like ‘Captain Picard’ to do it for you….yeah. Just one word comes to my mind; Loser. When ‘Captain Picard’ doesn’t do it for you by getting the page owner to grovel at your insignificant feet and say how sorry they are that they ‘offended’ you (like they went out of their way just to offend YOU, someone they didn’t even know existed) you probably don’t want to start back peddling and making a stab at something resembling polite conversation at that point. You’ve already blown it.

I don’t care that you’re ‘disappointed’ in me….I don’t know you and have no desire to gain your approval of me. I don’t care that you think I’m somehow ‘unprofessional’, after all you were the one who came to me and started getting uppity by vomiting your unsolicited opinion all over my page. It wasn’t the other way around. Which one of us is actually ‘unprofessional’ again? Then, of course, you might not want to try closing by saying something droll like ‘I don’t even know why I liked your page, do I have a book of yours?’

Obviously not, sweetheart. My books aren’t for people like you. And, yes, that devalues your opinion even more. You can’t plunk down $0.99 on an e-book but you come into my fan page like a whirling dervish feeling totally free to give me $10.99 worth of your opinion. How nice.

Last, but not least, after numerous posts of nothing but blather, don’t ask me ‘do you even have kids’?

From the get-go it was quite clear to me that at least one of my children is probably older than the opinionated intruder.

So the next time someone feels the need to come in to my fan page and make a fool of themselves my advice is this; go bark at the moon, it will care about as much as I do about what you have to say but you’ll have the added benefit of getting to look at a beautiful glowing ball of light in the sky and a little light would probably do you good.

Yes, well, that ends today Internet Etiquette Lesson. I hope you’ve learned something here today.

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