Prodigal Son, Awards, Event Schedule…Damn I’m Pooped!

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This will be quick because I’m tired and frustrated. I’ve done ALL of the following work with a messed-up mouse! I gotta get a new one, it doesn’t want to do anything I tell it to anymore and this whole thing has taken twice as long as it should have because of it. Grrrrrr.

First Up…our NEW Schedule of Events has been posted.

Go on over and cruise the upcoming dates for the “Sins of the Father” Tour starting in very early February. Just Click Here to see all of the goodies in store for this tour including a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card or B&N Gift Card Giveaway.

Secondly…over the course of 2 days I’ve done 8 interviews for this thing. OY! Still a few interviews and guest posts left to do but I’ve already taken care of the majority of it.

Third….I’ve been nominated for the

2016 Summer Indie Book Awards in a variety of categories and for several books! WOOT! Check them out Here. There’s awards info and links so if you’d like to nominate any other works of mine I’d truly appreciate it and, ya know, don’t forget your other favorite Indie Authors. Most of all, come summer, don’t forget to vote…for me!!!!!!!!

Fourth and this has taken days because of my damn faulty mouse! There the first 5 chapters of “Prodigal Son” are up and running in Rough Draft form so everyone can get a little Mason & Hannah fix and maybe see where we’re going with this last novel in the Sister Christian Series. Thank my crappy mouse, all pages are UNencoded. Just Click Here to begin reading. With any luck at all, and a new mouse, this book will be out by my birthday. Yeah, I haven’t made a book cover yet, this stupid mouse hardly let’s me play Farm Heroes Saga I’m not suffering through making a cover with it.🙂

That’s it for tonight. I’m off to enjoy a wonderful pork roast dinner that has been simmering in my crock pot since early this morning. Then I’m just going to flop out on my bed and watch TV eagerly anticipating the return of ‘Sam’, ‘Dean’, and ‘Cass’ on Wednesday! Oh, yes, and I DID remember to cancel my Prime Account…yeah, go me! There wasn’t anything but “Grimm” worth watching and I’ll try to devour all of it before it goes dark on February 8th.

Good night all! As always, if you read I hope you enjoy!

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