Tonight….Yeah, Baby!

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I did three more of those interviews today for the upcoming “Sins of the Father” virtual book tour. The interviews are DONE! There’s just 3 guest posts left and I’ll try to do all of them by Monday. That means my nearly 3 month long tour for this book is also done. There won’t be anything for me to do but sit back, post links, check in with the blogs, say ‘thank you’ to the hosts/hostesses, and maybe answer any questions anyone leaves. They never ask me anything but I do try to check in for up to 3 days after each post goes live. I even got in touch with the tour company that’s handling the “Child of War-A God is Born” virtual tour and asked them how it was coming along, did they have a schedule? (I looked on their site and it wasn’t promising for me) Their first response was they’d give me a week before it kicked off to send me the schedule and that was ‘plenty of time to prepare’. Yeah, sure it is, if you don’t have a job, a house, and a husband, it’s totally ‘plenty of time’, if you do have those things….more time is appreciated. So I asked them again. Waiting to hear back. I also got in touch with several other places today regarding reviews, guest spots, takeovers….blah blah blah. I’m trying to keep my name and my books out there–I don’t have a ‘brand’ unless you consider ‘eclectic writer’ to be a ‘brand’. I refuse to get pigeon holed into any single genre. That’s just boring.

BUT…not tonight!



Curse my kids for getting me into these two shows! I haven’t had any TV show take over my life like this since I was sprinting home from school to see Luke and Laura. These past few weeks have been TORTURE! Yeah and tonight will be too as I have to sit through one commercial after another. Boo! I’ve always said that if you pay for TV (cable/satelitte) then you shouldn’t have to sit through commercials because you’re already PAID the price to watch the show. Commercials are sponsors for TV shows, ya know, they’re what pays the bills. But I already paid the bill for the privilege of watching so….get rid of the damn commercials. If you’re still on an antenna…you watch stupid commercials.

Any-hoo….I went to the store and got some Fritos, French Onion dip and cheese dip. I already had pretzels so I those are ready too. I have small bags of microwave popcorn ready to make me happy at a moment’s notice. Yeah, I have a few other assorted goodies to help me enjoy the night; a full quart bottle of 100 proof SoCo and, ya know, some green stuff that I can put into a beautiful pipe of hand blown glass by a local artisan.😛

Yes, and, of course, my Groot blanket. Oh! I love it so! Hubby bought it for me for Christmas and it hasn’t left my side when I’m home. I use it to cover my arthritic knees when I write, I cuddle up under it when we watch TV on the couch and, last night, I brought it bed for the first time….slept like a baby! Well, except The Big Guy


suddenly broke out into song several times as I slept, most notable was

‘Foolin” by Def Leppard then

‘Twice as Hard’ by the Black Crows

then he went into

‘Jeremy’ by Pearl Jame and finally into

‘Amanda’ by Boston.


He sang each one all the way through in his own voice. By the way, he actually has a lovely singing voice–he REALLY gets into it– but still…..this is very weird. Even for me and our insane relationship. I must investigate this situation.

AFTER tonight!

I’m going to have my dinner; cheap spaghetti with salad, watch a little TV with hubby then hot foot it upstairs to my comfy bed.

Cya, later, peeps! I hope your night is as good as I’m anticipating mine to be.

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