Indecision 2016

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Anybody miss Jon Stewart?

I sure as hell do. This Noah dude ain’t cutting it for me. So this post is titled in honored of the man whose quote has appeared on my website these last 12 years.

Recent events have led me to believe that I’m stupid. I am. I just didn’t know it. How weird is that? Strange. Seriously, lately, if I’m not being knocked for my political views, then it’s for my gender or my race. Yeah, see my pic up there? I’m whiter than the sheets on your bed, no bout a doubt it. So the “news” would have me believe I’m stupid, I’m put upon, I’m privileged, I’m rich, I’m out of touch, I’m shamed for one thing or another…man I’m confused!

I finally made the decision not to listen any of the “news”. Call me all the nasty names you want…whatever fits your current personal or political agenda. Quite honestly, I don’t give a flying fig because I’m not even listening anymore.

Here’s what I actually am: A woman who never had any doubts about that fact. Nearly 50 (gasp). A mother of two grown daughters. A wife of 30 years…to a man so that also makes me straight. A high school graduate who had no aspirations toward ‘higher education’ whatsoever. An indie writer struggling to have their voice heard in a sea of indie writers struggling to have their voices heard. (Oh yeah, subheading: self-taught web mistress, formatter, editor, graphics designed, PR person.) White, let’s not forget that one. BTW, ‘white’ IS a ‘color’, ya know, just so you’re aware. Working middle-class (on the lower end of the spectrum which now reaches up to somewhere near $200,000/year). I’ve had to accept Public Assistance and been the target of humiliation and derision from people who have never known what it is to have to do that…the Social Workers hired and paid to help me being top on that list. I’ve dealt with, shall we say, ‘womanly issues’, in the best ways possible under the circumstances I had to work with. I’m a homeowner. I’m a taxpayer who hates paying nearly $6,000/year to live in the Great City of New London. But that’s because it took 50 years to get a freakin’ sidewalk! Lastly, I’m someone who would love to move to Colorado for certain ‘benefits’ of the sticky green variety. Hey, man, I’ve said for decades we can payoff the National Debt this way and create a booming economy but no one wanted to listen. People like are me smiling happy to pay taxes on such things if they’re legal and it creates thousands upon thousands of jobs in all manner of the process from gardening to glass blowing.😛

I’m also a Bernie Sanders supporter. There I said it. I’ve been saying it here and there on my personal FB page–I never take these things to my ‘fan’ page or my Twitter. I have enough problems with idiots dropping/unfollowing me because they don’t like something I say HERE in my private blog.

That aside, lately the “news” would have me believe that I’m some type of ‘traitor to my (nonexistent) cause’ because I’d rather see Bernie in Office than Hillary. I’m anti-woman or some twaddle like that. Oh yeah and I’m anti-black because Bernie doesn’t support reparations. I’m a socialist. I’m lazy. I want things ‘handed’ to me instead of ‘working’ for them. Never mind the fact that I’ve been working steady the last 20 years since my youngest started Kindergarten. and with the exception of one horrible year that the US economy was so far in the tank my husband was out of work, he’s been busting his ass for the last 30 years. We’ve been slowly hauling our asses up that Ladder of the American Dream one hard-won rung at a time. That doesn’t count for anything.

I watched the outcome in Iowa with great anticipation. I don’t know about you but, when it comes to Iowa, I don’t consider 6 coin tosses (all against astronomical odds coming out in Hillary’s favor) to be a definitive win of any type. Your Mileage May Vary. I don’t really care, just so you know. All I do know is that the Hillary Camp is sweating bullets and coming out of the woodwork to convince me, a white, middle class, working woman, to vote for her, even if I don’t particularly like or even trust her. If I don’t then I’m anti-woman or something.


My honest bet is that I’ve voted in more Presidential Elections than most of these supporters have lived through. In those elections more often than I would care to admit I have voted AGAINST someone. That means I cast a ballot for someone like Hillary, someone I didn’t like and didn’t trust just because I couldn’t stand to see ‘the other guy’ get in office.

I’m done with that.

I don’t have as many elections ahead of me as I do behind me and…I’m not doing that anymore. Sorry, Charlie. I’m not toeing the party line anymore and I sure as hell am not doing it simply because it IS the party line. If I wouldn’t buy you a $0.99 cup of coffee and sit down to talk with you over it for a half-hour…I’m not voting for you. I don’t care who you are, where you came from, what color you are, how old you are, what your genitals look like or what your party affiliation is.

YES, as much as it makes some cringe, that DOES mean I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she gets the nod.

Not doing it.

I will NOT vote for Politics As Usual. I will NOT vote for Wall Street. I will NOT vote for Big Pharma. I will NOT vote for Super PACs and the welfare sucking corporations behind them. If that’s the only way some people know “that’s how shit gets fucking done”…I pity them and will not buy them a cup of coffee anymore than I’d buy a Cruz or Dump supporter a cup of joe. They are unprincipled. They are unscrupulous. What time I have left on this Earth is precious to me so I have none for them and their exceedingly narrow view.

But, ya know..hey! At least we don’t have the “birther” issue with Cruz, right? Seem all of a sudden people have recalled their 7th grade US History classes and realized he is a “natural-born citizen”. Just like Obama is and always was.

If a Republican gets into Office because staunch Bernie supporters refuse to vote FOR Hillary then so be it. If there’s a God Above it will be the Dump–the wicked writer part of me so wants that to happen, it’s terrible, I know. But c’mon, can you think of anything that would entertain the world more than 4 years of a Dump Presidency? Hell, millions of people all over the globe might actually die of laughter. Other than in your sleep after a rousing round of incredible sex there’s no better way to go than laughing your ass off.

There are other candidates running for Senate and House that I CAN vote FOR with a clear conscience and, with any luck at all, that will offset Dump and, sure as shootin’ hell, cause at least another 4 years of gridlock. Who knows? Maybe by the time 2020 rolls around enough people will have wised up to what’s really going to throw a true Political Revolution.

It could happen.

No, I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

I won’t support anything less than that revolution with my one and only precious vote.

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  1. I’m with you on most of your issues! And yes, I’ve lost friends over voicing my opinions (the few I have voiced!). But I will not change my opinions! I am, like you, a white, married (widowed), hard working, high school educated woman. I am self taught at my job and do it better than some of the college graduates doing the same job, who by the way are making a hell of a lot more than me. For the most part I’m happy with who I am…but being a few (ok more than a few!) years older than you I’m looking at some different issues. I should be able to retire this month, but ya know what? I won’t get enough from Social Security to support myself. Especially since I can’t get Medicare and certainly can’t pay my bills AND buy health insurance! Fortunately I’m healthy for the most part and love my job. So, we’re running out of Social Security benefits…how come there’s plenty of Welfare to go around???? Don’t get me started!!! Lol

    • Social Security wasn’t really designed for retirees to *live* on. It was meant to supplement pensions and give an extra boost to the economic status of “senior” citizens. The reason its so depleted is because Bush, jr. “borrowed” trillions of dollars from it to fund his war and it was never paid back to the system. Also, it’s doled out for purposes it was never intended for. Unfortunately, there isn’t “plenty” of welfare to go around, there are lots of restrictions on benefits. Welfare was meant to get people through hard economic times when jobs weren’t plentiful. If we stop telling everyone they have to go to college (the market is overrun with college graduates) and focus our energies on giving people a good basic education through high school that pushes the opportunities in trades–making those jobs valuable and desirable again– you’ll see a drop in welfare. As it stands now, one almost has to go to college just to wind up with the same level of education we had exiting 12th grade. There are very few people out there who ‘don’t want to work’, are ‘lazy’, and just want ‘the state to pay for them’…especially not on what welfare really gives out. It’s a pitiful existence at best and nothing to strive for. The trick is making “every day jobs” worth having again.

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