My First Amazon Giveaway

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Well, that was interesting.

I had 4 paperbacks up for giveaway on Amazon…yesterday. The giveaway was supposed to run through March 4th. I had to buy 4 copies of my book and pay the postage for the winners so this wasn’t cheap. If Amazon let me pay the CreateSpace price that would have been great but I had to pay full retail.

I put the info out on Facebook, Twitter, and even went through the trouble of doing up a little something for my mailing list.

I walked away.

I had dinner. I went to bed….I slept for 12 glorious hours!! OMG. I never crash like that and it felt soooo good.

I got up, I checked my email. I see one from Amazon informing me my giveaway has ended.


I figure they found a problem and suspended itm now I have to go fix something but no. The books were eaten up in a matter of hours and I never expected that. Never. I’m staring at my numbers, figuring I’m still half asleep, I rub my eyes, I look again, I hold the phone further away from my face, I rub my eyes again. The numbers didn’t change. Over 2000 people entered in a few hours. 2000! Are you kidding me? I do giveaways all the time and, on average, over the course of a week or two maybe a couple hundred people enter. I ran one on Goodreads a few years ago for “Heart” and had trouble getting people interested enough to enter it.

Of course now I’m getting emails from angry people who are upset they didn’t even get the chance to enter and are accusing me of ‘bait and switch’. I love that, I really do. They’re just as surprised as I am and it’s the luck of the draw after I hit ‘confirm’. If you didn’t get there in time that’s that. Don’t get pissed off at me because I gave you a chance to win something. Do you complain to the lottery commission when you show up late to buy your ticket? Geez.

Considering how cheap most people are to begin with it would be really difficult to pull off a successful ‘bait and switch’ in this area. I can’t get them to part with $0.99 for an ebook, do you really think someone is going to plunk down $12.00 for a paperback because they didn’t get the chance to win it? They won’t even buy the ebook.

On my end, it’s a learning curve so I guess if I do this again I know that I have to buy more copies of my books to giveaway and make the trigger number much higher. No plans on doing that anytime soon but it’s something to think about.

And hey, I discovered Amazon is good for something! So, ya know, that’s good too, right?

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