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My stress and sanity levels are returning to normal so I thought I’d catch-up on some movie reviews. We’ve seen a lot of movies since “The Force Awakens” so I’ll try to take this in order.

Deadpool– Don’t bring the kids! LOL I think everyone has seen this one by now so it’s doubtful there are any spoilers left to giveaway. I bought tickets online and used my phone for the very time when we entered the theater 20 minutes early. For once, it was hubby who couldn’t wait to get inside. We got great seats; third from the rear almost dead center. I could see the whole screen without moving my head and it wasn’t too loud. Definitely going to get seats in that area again. The place filled up. The show started. The credits began. There were ‘huhs’ and snickers and then outright laughter. Those opening credits definitely set the tone for the entire movie. I have a real soft spot for Ryan Reynolds🙂 He was great in the role of the wise-cracking superhero. The whole cast was very good. I enjoyed the movie immensely. I can’t wait to own it and see the out-takes, I laughed pretty some hard in some spots of the flick so those out-takes are bound to be priceless. Like I said; don’t bring the kiddies, this is not for them, it’s for us.

While I realize it’s too late for “The Avengers” franchise and it’s really hard to sell action-figures and other toys to adults (not really, if you have the right swag), hopefully some wonderful someone out there sees that there’s a huge market for movies made for an adult audience. With any luck at all, we’ll get some more movies like this. I know the Internet and certain vocal (but tiny) ‘family friendly’ organizations out there would have us think differently but they’re wrong. We spend the first 1/4 of our lives as children, that part of our lives should be designed in an age-appropriate manner. We spend the last 3/4 of our lives as adults so…ditto.

Aunty Moon gives “Deadpool” an A.

Spectre– We bought this one and the rest that will follow. Had to have it for our “James Bond” collection. It’s ok. I like Daniel Craig as “James Bond” but these pictures all seem to lack some of the campy zeal that made earlier “Bond” movies so watchable. The story line is a little jumbled and the villain is weak. I’ve seen him in other things and he was good but not here. As far as this series of “Bond” movies goes I don’t think there will be a better villain than Javier Bardem. If you’re a “Bond” fan give it a go and, if not, maybe catch some of it when it comes to TV.

Aunty Moon gives “Spectre” a C.

Bridge of Spies– Bought this at the same time we got “Spectre” hubby looked at me and looked at it and went; “What?” I just took it home anyway. I’d heard good things about it even though as far as movies go it really isn’t my cup of tea. I lived through the Cold War so part of me doesn’t care about watching it in a movie but the other part is nostalgic and watches all of those retrospective specials on History/A&E that break down the decades from the 60s through the 90s. I ended up very glad that I bought it. This is a good flick and it held my attention all the way through even though it’s just a story. Plain and simple there’s no big romance, no real blood, just one violent scene, the rest is just…a wonderful story. It’s presented and played out in an enjoyable manner. Even though I still get angry at Tom Hanks every time I see, as always, he is a consummate actor and pulls off the part with much believability. He’s getting old now so that’s making it easier to forgive him.😛

It’s a good spy/espionage movie. I liked it.

Aunty Moon gives “Bridge of Spies” a B+.

Crimson Peak– Ok, admittedly, I am secretly just as much in love with “Loki” as I am “Captain America”. It’s true. So I really wanted to see this movie for Tom Hiddleston more than anything else. It’s been a long time since a horror movie actually scared me so I don’t put much stock in them anymore. This looked good in the previews. However, it is NOT a horror movie. If you go into from that angle you’re apt to be very disappointed. This is an old-fashioned Gothic Romance. I read oodles of those dime-store paperbacks in jr. high and early high school and this took me right back to those days. Beautiful costumes, awesome settings, a dark prince hiding a darker secret, a willowy young woman, a treacherous bitch, ghosts & ghoulies….the whole 9 yards. The main dark secrets are utterly predictable and perhaps that’s the reason it doesn’t quite work as well as it should. Other than that, everything about the production is first-rate and I still enjoyed it very much. More than I thought I would again, again I was pleasantly surprised. The costumes were awesome, much better than “Mad Max”, that’s for sure.

Aunty Moon gives “Crimson Peak” a solid B.

Creed– I had no interest in seeing this movie when it came out, quite honestly I thought it was freakin’ joke. What is it; “Rocky 95”? So I passed it by even though hubby thought it looked good. But I kept hearing such good things about it and then Sly was up for and won all of those awards. I love Sly, I do, my teenage-to-early-20s-years are utterly peppered with Sylvester Stallone movies. I never thought of him as a great actor. Seems he’s gotten much better with age! Justifying this “Rocky” with his role in “Expendables” wasn’t an easy thing to do. LOL

The kid is just…well he’s so damn cute, he really is. He drove me crazy, I looked him on IMDB only to discover I’ve never seen him a movie before but he has been on at least one episode each of some my favorite TV shows. Michael B. Jordan is the young man’s name and played the part of “Adonis Creed” very well. He was easy to identify with in all of his complexity and I was cheering him for by the end. An end which was a bit predictable if you’re a “Rocky” fan but it opens it up for “Creed 2”. There are some nostalgic moments that have been ‘upgraded’ for ‘today’s audience’, they were good…mostly. If you’re an old gal like me you’ll notice them but they do fit very well into the movie.

Aunt Moon gives “Creed” an A.

Tonight we have “Spotlight”, I just adore Mark Ruffalo, I do, sorry, I can’t help it, I just want to squeeze him like a teddy bear. So I’m looking forward to watching it. I’ll report back on it when I get the time.

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