Getting Ready for An Adventure

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I’ve been feeling poorly lately, that’s true, and I’m sure it’s shown several times over these last few months. I’m burnt out. I keep reminding myself that I haven’t take a week off from work since 2014 and it’s really time for a break.

Hubby came home from work yesterday and said; “Sit down I wanna talk to you.”


“Ok,” said I taking a seat, “what’s up?”

“What does this look like?”

He shoved some papers in my face and I cringed hoping we weren’t being sued or something. I took the papers, I looked at them, couldn’t get it at first but there was no legal mumbo-jumbo so that was nice. I looked again, switched pages, looked at hubby, “We’re going to the Cape? For our anniversary?”

“Yeah, we are. The room’s already paid for.”

My gloomy disposition suddenly became very sunny.🙂

He got us a room in Provincetown. It’s a good thing it’s still Off Season or we’d never be able to afford a room in Provincetown. The last time we visited we only took a drive down there, climbed Pilgrim’s Monument (I don’t think I’ll be doing that again) and then turned around to make our way home. I thought to myself last night; gee, how long ago was that? Three years?

Ye Olde Blog says…six years ago.

Yeah, it’s time for a weekend getaway!

We sat in bed looking up places we can add to our Great Food Adventure List and planning out a route. We decided to skip the highway for the most part this time and stick to the scenic route. I like the scenic route. After an hour the highway gives me a headache nothing but a big black strip with yellow and white lines for miles and miles and miles. UGH. We’re going to take a nice trip along the shoreline, stop in Newport, maybe for lunch, and drive around there for a while. I’ll have to look and see if the mansions will be open I’d like to go through The Breakers again and a few of the others. We’ll wind our way up to Massachusetts, in Fall River we’ll stop at Patti’s Perogis. From there we’ll make our way to Cape Cod. Once there it’s a lot of scenery so don’t have to worry too much about getting down P-Town. Once you pass a certain point there’s only one way to get there–and get back–anyway. Hopefully they won’t be charging to get to the dunes but even if they are I think this time I’ll splurge even though it wasn’t cheap six years ago.

Once we get down to the hook, Provincetown is a very small place, there’s one road in and one road out, both are one-ways. Weather permitting, we’ll be able to walk around the little town because driving those tiny streets in his Pathfinder probably won’t be much fun. LOL We’ll see the sites, get the world’s best salt water taffy, some soupi maybe some linguica, definitely some sweet bread. Walk on the docks and maybe do some shopping. They have the most unique stores. The hotel is right on the beach so I imagine there will be lots of sand between our toes too.

On the way back we’re going to go a bit out of our way so we can hit the Fireside Grill. Hey, it’s been six years, believe me, this place is worth the side trip.

Then we’ll be home and it’ll be back to the Real World but perhaps by then I’ll be ready for it.

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  1. Nice . Enjoy yourself and get much needed relaxation.

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