Getting Ready for an Adventure or Conversations with the Big Guy

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Our trip is coming up in a very short while. Miss Rebecca is going to stay at the house along with…whoever…and babysit the cats while we’re away so don’t bother trying to rob the place. If she doesn’t get you then that cats will.

I have to prepare for the trip.

My shoes are shot. They’re dead, really, honest to God…they’re toast. My favorite little heeled construction boots are history. The soles are so bad I can’t step in a shallow puddle without getting soaked. There’s no traction left. None. If I’m going to go walk around The Cape then I knew that I had to get new shoes. I also realized my clothes are a bit worn and shoddy. I tend to wear the same very basic comfortable outfits everyday and do my best to wear a shirt with the logo of my place of business. I have 6 of them. I figure as along as I’ve got one of those one people can see I’m part of the team and there’s no need to dress fancy. It’s a ‘uniform’…you know. Yep, I’ve worn the same 3 pairs of jeans for almost 2 years now. I have a 4th pair. I hate them. They’re my Last Resort Pair. High waisted and straight legged is not a look I ever cared for. No, yeah, still, even at my advanced age and expanding girth, I’d rather have a nice pair of hip hugger bellbottoms than anything else in the world. Give me those, a nice big sweater or sweatshirt, and a pair of boots…let me tell you I am one happy girl. Yes, oh yes, I am. When it comes to physical/material things I am probably the Lowest Maintenance Woman you will ever come across. I’m rather proud of that.

After work I went to Burlington.

I became disgusted…again.

Clothes shopping used to be so much fun! Now that I’m going to be 50 very soon it sort of sucks. You Old Timers already know that.๐Ÿ™‚

I did manage to get a nice little pair of short boots with a wedge heel. They’re very reminiscent of my favorite boots that are about to hit the trash but they’re a bit darker color. I also got a pair of sneakers. Yes, sneakers. I haven’t owned my own pair of sneakers in decades. I borrowed the girl’s whenever I needed something like that for a day and I have my favored pair of blue paisley flats but I only wear those in very nice weather and not for long. They have no support, like, at all. Zero. Just the leather sole between my foot and the concrete. Now I have shoes; one pair to walk around and the boots should we go to some place rather nice for dinner, which I’m sure we will at least one night of our trip. This should be a Gastronomic Feast! Our Food Route is very well thought out. LOL

I grabbed four pairs of jeans off the minimal rack. The Junior Department is FULL of clothes. The Women’s Department…not so much. No, not really. I could ‘stomach’ two of the four pairs, one of which is white and I know it’s still before Memorial Day but I’m willing to break that fashion rule and be a total rebel on our adventure. Besides, the new boots will go nicely with them and the white/pink floral blouse I bought.

Yes, I bought two of those.


I never buy those.

No, I don’t.

For a moment, staring into the dressing room mirror I swore I saw my mother staring back at me. I know it was her. It was. Fuckin’ funniest thing about that of course is; I’m adopted. Yet, I still saw my mother–you know, the woman who raised me and who I called ‘mom– just for a moment. A split-second. That’s all.

On the way out, I grabbed new panties and bras (matching) without really looking at them. I grabbed two ‘beach covers’ that are actually very pretty and much more my style than the blouses with their slightly cinched waists and fairy sleeves.

On the way home I heard;

What’s wrong with you? You’re going ON VACATION. What the hell?

Oh…you. Yes. You.

I’m old and fat. Leave me alone.

Did I sing to you last night?

What the…yes, yes, you did. All night. You sang.

Your life comes down to a number on a pair of jeans or a word on a shirt? That’s your total worth?

Hate you.

What did you say?

Nothing. I didn’t say anything.

That’s what I thought. Now, answer me.

Fuck you. You don’t live in this world. You’re Immortal. The Rules don’t apply.

I heard that. No, I’m don’t but I visit often. Yes, I am and no they don’t so; answer me.

Fine, I don’t know, how’s that, I don’t know.

Then you should find out.

Thanks for the advice.

Those men you work with, they look at you. You know it. They smile. They stutter. They flirt.

They think I can get them a job! Duh!

Oh, I see, if you say so, perhaps, perhaps not. Some women are beautiful no matter what some only on the outside some emit an innate inner glow men find irresistible throughout time others a faint intoxicating scent that dissipates quickly with their youth.

You calling me ‘a Classic’?

Vintage, my darling, absolute 100% authentic vintage. Do you think I’d waste my time on anything less?

I pulled into the driveway shaking my head and trying to gather up my packages.

It’ll be good to get away for a few days. I’m not bringing any writing with me, just the camera, the laptop doesn’t even have WORD on it๐Ÿ˜‰

But, ya know, just so we’re clear and in case I don’t get the chance to say it before we get back from our 30th Anniversary Adventure….

I love you

Yeah, I know. Now go have fun.

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