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I packed my bag, well, I packed my stuff into our big duffel bag but there’s plenty of room for hubby’s stuff! Well, ok, not ‘plenty’ but definitely some! LOL I know, we’re not going for a week just a weekend but must be prepared. 3 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 1 pair of sweatpants for lounging, undies, bras, socks, 2 pairs of shoes, I think that’s good. I went to CVS and picked up a bunch of trial size bottles for our health and beauty kit, that way we don’t have to bring the big bottles with us. I charged my camera, I put it in the bag before it escaped my mind along with the battery charger (must remember the phone chargers) and the SD card reader so I can empty it onto the laptop as we go.

Tomorrow morning we’ll leave early but not 5:30am early (I really hate getting up at that hour) we’ll meander our way to Newport. It’s supposed to be a little rainy so it will be a good day to tour the mansions. We picked out a spot for breakfast when we get there, we’re going to the Corner Cafe then we’ll hit the mansions and take a drive along the shore for a while until we head up to Fall River where we’ll hit Patti’s Pierogis for lunch and, ya know, probably some goodies to put in the cooler which is already in the car🙂 We’ll hit the Lizzie Borden House they charge $18.00/each for the tour, which can’t be that big or long, so I don’t know if we’ll take the formal tour or just drive by and take some pics. But I really want to see it. Then we’ll go to Battleship Cove they only charge $10.00/each for the tour to see great big battleships, hubby will like that. My dad would like that were he still here, we always had to see as many historical things/sites as possible when/wherever we went on vacation. After that, just before leave Fall River we might go to Portugalia Marketplace and get some more goodies for the cooler🙂

After that, we’ll wind our way to Cape Cod and maybe hit a few interesting sites on our way down to Provincetown. We might stop at Antiques Center of Yarmouth I just love antiques and I haven’t bought any in such a long time. It can’t hurt to stop in and look anyway. Besides, I have to some little memento of our trip. The food won’t last forever. Hell, it probably won’t even make it home except for the salt water taffy we’ll pick up at Cabot’s Candy Store and maybe the sweet bread from the Portuguese Bakery 😉

We’ll go to the beaches and see the lighthouses, still hoping to get to the dunes but hoping they’re not charging an arm and a leg like last time. That would be a bummer. We’ll take a long stroll down Commercial Street and see ALL the sites including the shops. It’s supposed to be very nice weather on Saturday and Sunday so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures. Hubby has washed our kite! He’s packed it up and it’s coming with us so we can fly it where we bought it 30 years ago! That should be fun. It’s a little old and a little worn it’s missing part of its tail but that’s ok, we’re all a little older, a little worn, and my tail ain’t so great anymore either.

We make our way home on Easter Sunday so we won’t get to go to the Fireside Grill because they probably be open😦 We’ll just have to find some other fancy place to eat on Saturday night. Probably have trouble finding food on Sunday but we may be too full to care LOL Not rushing to get home on Sunday we’ll just wander our way back at a nice leisurely pace.

Until Monday or Tuesday or something!


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